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219,1. When Enoch had said this, the extremely pleased Lamech went ahead and thus led Enoch to the throne-room; on the threshold he said to Enoch with the greatest reverence:

219,2. "Mighty friend of the supreme God, behold there in the center the throne; and the shining tablet resting on the same is the one bearing the Name, written after our custom, which my tongue will not ever be worthy of pronouncing!"

219,3. And Enoch, touching his breast with his hand, for a little while remained silently standing on the threshold.

219,4. 'Then he stretched out his hands and, rushing to the throne, seized the tablet and pressed it to his heart, kissed it and then put it back on the throne.

219,5. Having offered up such love and honor to the most holy Name, he positioned himself on the right side of the throne and addressed the following words to all those present -- for many eminent citizens and officials of Lamech had also gone up into the hall -, and this is what he said:

219,6. "Brothers and children of the one Father in Heaven! It has pleased this above all good, most loving and holy Father to give you His Name, which is holy, exceedingly holy.

219,7. "What do you want to offer Him, the alone holy, most loving Giver of all good gifts, in return?

219,8. "Your thoughts are searching but cannot find anything you had not initially received from God!

219,9. "Yes, truly, here all your trouble and effort are in vain!

219,10. "Do you want to glorify, praise, honor and worship the Name all your life?

219,11. "Yes, this you can certainly do; but listen carefully, I will tell you something, and this the firmament and the whole earth are showing us.

219,12. "Heaven and earth are full of His praise, His honor and all the endless spaces are full of the highest hallowed angels who say at all times: 'Holy, holy, holy is the Lord, our God; honor be to Him as the Father, to His Word and the almightiness of His eternal love!

219,13. "We praise You forever, O great God, and praise at all times Your endless power; for to You alone are due all glory, honor, praise, all reverence, worship and all our love!'

219,14. "Behold, how much honor, glory, praise and true worship are always and forever offered to God!

219,15. "If you likewise want to honor and praise the Father, by how much will thereby His infinite divine honor and glory be increased?

219,16. 'Truly, the tiniest drop of water falling into the ocean would be endlessly more than your lifelong incessant worship and adoration compared to the endless honor and eternal glory of God, which He already possessed in the most perfect measure within Him, before anything had been created!

219,17. "What then do you want to do to the holy Father for such grace, love and mercy?

219,18. "You say: 'We want to thank Him all our lives!'

219,19. "Do this then, for alone to Him, the sole Giver, is due all the gratitude!

219,20. "But even if you thank until your tongue is worn down to the root, will He thereby become richer and more glorious than He anyway is from eternity?

219,21. "So you see all this is vain in itself and the Lord of all glory and might does not need it!

219,22. "If someone has a bride, let him ask his own heart what it likes best in her, and it will tell him: 'I am rich in all treasures and need neither gold nor precious stones, nor fruits from trees or tame animals, nor that you honor me with burnt offerings.

219,23. "'You have only one thing for me, beloved bride; for this my life is longing. And this one thing is -- your love!

219,24. "'Love me, and you have given me more than heaven and earth can offer me.'

219,25. "Is it not so, my brothers? - You say: 'Yes, this is eternally true.'

219,26. "Thus do the same! Love the Father; for love is His essence and love His endless need. Then you have given Him everything, all that He has given you! For He could not give you more than His own life; and love is your life and the life of God within you.

219,27. 'Therefore, when you love God, the Father, you do what He looks for and what alone is pleasing to Him!

219,28. "But this is the will of God that we shall love Him above all; so let us do it and we shall have life eternal! Amen.

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