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Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-221 Chapter


221,1. And presently everybody went into the dining-hall where, following an old custom, Lamech's servants had to keep the dining tables continually provided with the choicest fruits.

221,2. When all had appeased their hunger, Thubalkain entered the hall with Mura and Cural and went straight to Lamech and Kisehel announcing with a beaming expression that the temple was now fully completed; moreover, the ore-master had made from the left-over precious metal an immensely magnificent gate provided even with an artificial bolt so that the temple could be fully locked outside the destined time.

221,3. After this announcement Lamech praised God that He had endowed the builders with so much insight and strength to complete this great work in so short a time, whereas usually the insignificant dwelling-place of a common citizen of the city required several years for its completion.

221,4. When Lamech had thus given praise and thanks also Mura and Cural stepped up to him and Mura spoke to Lamech:

221,5. "Lightful, mighty, wise king and lord, you now want to ask me and say: “The building has been gloriously and at the appointed time completed; show me the account so that I may give you all your builder's wages.'

221,6. "However, a king, this would be idle of you; for behold, just as the great work proceeded truly miraculously, in the same miraculous manner I and every worker received an immensely abundant reward.

221,7. "Hardly an hour ago the great work was completed when men arrived, followed by great herds of fine tame animals, such as oxen, cows, goats and beautiful white sheep.

221,8. "Of these each worker without distinction received ten of each species, male and female, so that each man had ten oxen and ten cows, ten he-goats and ten goats, and ten sheep and ten withers, thus sixty pieces each; and I and Cural, including the other subordinate builders, received the tenfold each.

221,9. "Thus we are immensely well rewarded and have nothing to ask of you for us and our followers but your royal pleasure and that you may be gracious towards us always!

221,10. "Out of gratitude to God, Cural, and I beside him, decided to cover the whole space within the outer wall with white polished stones.

221,11. "More than three quarters of the area are already covered and shortly also the remaining quarter will be done, and you shall find everything in the cleanest and most gloriously sparkling condition.

221,12. "Here is the key to the gate of the temple and here the smaller one for the also golden grated door of the glorious outer wall.

221,13. “The key for the door of the temple you may keep right away; the small one I shall have delivered to you by a servant as soon as the place is fully covered.

221,14. "And so let us go to the last voluntary work; your will be done! Amen."

221,15. This news overwhelmed our Lamech so that in his joy he was speechless, unable to utter a single word.

221,16. And Enoch stepped forward and said to Thubalkain, Mura and Cural:

221,17. “I am a new messenger of the Lord from the height; my name is Enoch, a sole high priest of God.

221,18. "As such I tell you: Do not so much rejoice in the reward nor in the completed work, but rather, rejoice in the great grace and mercy of God. Recognize your shortcomings, cleanse your hearts, be avid doers of God's will and love Him above all and each other like your own life, and you will find only in this love the greatest reward, which will be eternal life in God!

221,19. "You, Thubalkain, stay here; and you, Mura and Cural, go and complete your work, and then come back, for I still have important things to discuss with you. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-221 Chapter