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224,1. Aglow with love, Enoch rushed to the Father and said in his heart: „O You super-good, super-holy, most loving Father, what boundless happiness You have prepared for my heart! I, a weak man of the earth, am permitted to accompany You?

224,2. “Though I am the high priest set up and appointed by You, what is all this compared to You, You most holy, most loving Father?

224,3. "Yet not I, forever not I found myself worthy of it, but - O holy Father! Your endless mildness, grace, love and mercy did this to me; and so I could just about love myself to death for You!

224,4. "Oh if only I could love You with the power and might of all the heavens; with what endless bliss I would love to do this!

224,5. „O Father, You eternal, most pure and almighty Love, do not let me, who am still incapable of such sublime bliss of the heavens, be so inexpressibly blissful here; for my heart can hardly endure such a love-fire any longer!

224,6. "But what nonsense I am talking in my ecstasy!

224,7. "For all this is Your most holy will; therefore, everything be done at all times as it pleases you.

224,8. „O You holy Father! How good You must be within You, since I, a nothing before You, already perceive so immensely much of Your infinite good· ness!

224,9. „O you earth, tremble in the excess of your bliss; for the Creator Who gave you life, is now walking on you! And you, poor sun, with your light do you now dare send your rays down to the earth when He, Whose slightest breath once called you into existence, is walking over the same?

224,10. "But I am talking again like one crazed with love. The earth is silent in its too great, sublime reverence; for it senses Whom it is now carrying. And the sun with its gentle rays offers its greatest possible praise of love to the Lord.

224,11. "All, all is seized with a sublime, devout and reverential silence; only I am constantly babbling by myself.

224,12. "I obviously offend against the due respect, - but I cannot help it; for I love Him too much to curb my heart which is overflowing with love!

224,13. "What happiness and what bliss can equal that in eternity: To be with Him, to walk by His most loving, fatherly, almighty side and be allowed to love Him with all one's strength!

224,14. "But now be silent, my heart; for He looks as if He wanted to tell me something.

224,15. "Oh rejoice, my whole being; for you will again be hearing from the most holy mouth of the Father -- words of life!"

224,16. On this occasion the by now nine persons also reached the plain coming from the mountain, and the Lord by the side of Enoch stopped and said to all:

224,17. "Friends, here let us stop a while. For I see that some of you have become a little tired; and you, My beloved Enoch, are the most exhausted, for your heart all but attacked Me.

224,18. "I tell you: Boundlessly great is your love for God, your Father; however, if you could taste the Father's joy in a child's great love for Him and then fathom His great love-fantasies and thoughts in which He, almighty, infinite and eternal, makes great plans to make such a child loving Him above all as endlessly happy as His infinite almightiness possibly can, you would already expire at the slightest approach to such a thought of God!

224,19. "Do continue to rave, in your pure love for God as you, My beloved Enoch, have been raving, and out of such raving one day a great reality will emerge which will highly amaze your spirit."

224,20. After that the Lord turned to Kisehel and said to him: "Kisehel, do you now realize the power of the Father's love?

224,21. "Behold, when you were sent to the lowlands you secretly still doubted the success and thought by yourself after the first confrontation:

224,22. The Lord's might is surely endlessly greater for even a most perfected spirit to comprehend it in the least; but as to Lamech, nothing much will be achieved - least of all on the road of love!

224,23. "'Lamech would have to be put to death and then reanimated with a totally different will, - any other attempt will fail here.'

224,24. "Now look, we needed nothing else but exactly love, and the entire lowlands stand now before us cleansed.

224,25. "Thus it shall stay forever. Where love can no longer achieve and gain anything, no other power either shall be able to achieve anything!

224,26. "All works of creation have gone forth from love; how should the works then be mightier than love, as their First Cause? So adhere at all times to love and in the end everything will be gained!

224,27. "Since we have now recuperated, let us proceed; for a great crowd is waiting for us.

224,28. "So let us go so that our blessing may come upon them at the proper time. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-224 Chapter