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225,1. After these words by the Lord they all rose again and proceeded to the city.

225,2. On the way Lamech, with a thousand thoughts about this unknown man churning in his head, turned to Kisehel and asked him: "Listen, great, mighty friend and brother! Do you know this extremely peculiar young but exceedingly wise man? Is he even more than the high priest Enoch?

225,3. "For look, I find it somewhat peculiar that the seemingly endlessly mighty and wise Enoch, moreover of a great age, seems to show so much reverence to this young man.

225,4. "I myself have to admit: As to wisdom, great goodness and love, Enoch does not seem to be exactly ahead of him, the glorious man.

225,5. "But all the same it seems to me somewhat peculiar that Enoch acts so full of love and humility towards him as if he depended solely on him.

225,6. "So if you know this peculiar man more closely, tell me what is behind him so that I, too, can show him the due respect.

225,7. "That he must be immensely wise and mighty I gathered from his speech to you.

225,8. "However, all of you from the height are like that, for no heart is safe before your eyes.

225,9. "So he is, too, since he well knew what you were thinking when you were sent to me.

225,10. “This does not confound me, but - as I said - only Enoch's attitude towards him.

225,11. "Therefore, I once more-request you to tell me more about this young man, provided it pleases you and you are allowed to."

225,12. And Kisehel gave the following reply to Lamech, saying: "Dear brother Lamech! As far as this young man is concerned and that Enoch, as we all, behaves in such a submissive manner towards Him, there is such a profound and mysterious reason that you could not grasp it at this moment.

225,13. "So at the moment be patient for just a short while and you will then surely recognize Him.

225,14. 'This much you may learn from me that He, as He Himself told you on the mountain, is truly the supreme Lord on the highest height over all the children of the height and thus also of the lowlands.

225,15. "At the moment you need not know more about this young man.

225,16. "For the time is anyway near when you will come to know Him better; so be patient until then."

225,17. In the meantime they reached through the rejoicing crowds the house of Lamech and thus Lamech could no longer ask questions.

225,18. When they stood before Lamech's house, the young man climbed the already known speaker's platform and addressed the following words of blessing to the people:

225,19. "Listen you, My poor children! For thus speaks the Lord, your God, your Creator and your most loving holy Father to you on this day out of His mouth:

225,20. "Peace be with you! Recognize the one true God and Father, the sole Lord of heaven and earth, and love Him above all, and He will at all times listen, behold and help you in all that ails you and always give you what you need!

225,21. "And further speaks the Lord: I will protect you as long as you will remain in My love; but once you will begin to judge autocratically without regard for Me, I shall withdraw My grace and leave you to give each other light of your own.

225,22. "But My light I shall withdraw; then you will soon find yourselves in great tribulation and darkness which will be much worse even than the one from the beginning till now.

225,23. "Now I have sent you mighty messengers because from childhood on you have been weak and miserable.

225,24. "But then I shall send you only weak messengers endowed merely with a wise tongue but with a powerless will, and you will then seize them and put them to death thus preparing for yourselves My wrath for an inexorable judgment because I have now shown you a great grace and mercy and made you strong out of Me.

225,25. 'Today I am giving you My Name. Remain with this Name and I, too, shall be with you; yet if you will forsake the Name I, too, shall forsake you.

225,26. "For you shall at all times walk freely before Me. And so receive My blessing! Amen."

225,27. Here the Lord blessed the lowlands, and all the people prostrated themselves before the mighty speaker and worshiped Him in the name of the Lord.

225,28. And the Lord returned to His company and, accompanied by Enoch, entered the house of Lamech; from then on no one dared approach the house of Lamech.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-225 Chapter