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229,1. This speech by the Lord encouraged all and they praised God in their hearts for His immense goodness, grace and mercy.

229,2. Lamech alone plucked up the courage to ask the Lord, saying: „O Lord, You one, great God of heaven and earth, You alone true, best Father of mankind, Who are holy, exceedingly holy! Is it already a truly sinful offence if some person, urged by his feeling and driven by his humility and mighty love for You, almost unintentionally throws himself down before Your alone most holy will and name both in spirit and then also in body, worshipping You both inwardly and outwardly in the dust of his complete own nothingness and thus offering himself up to You completely?

229,3. "For this is what I reckon: Compared with Your infinite goodness and mercy no human can ever do too much!

229,4. "No matter how often the spirit of man, according to Your holy order and Your most holy love and will, is occupied with You, O holy Father - this will be surely a most pleasant task for him forever--,

229,5. "Yet in some moments when he is too moved by Your love and mercy and tears of remorse, love and joy flow from his eyes, when he wants to embrace You, O holy Father, thousands upon thousands of times with the most ardent love, then, I believe in my innermost heart, man cannot possibly help making physical gestures corresponding exactly to those of the spirit.

229,6. "Also friends, brothers and lovers embrace when prompted on a special occasion; the little children, urged by their love, often cling convulsively to their parents; You Yourself have arranged Your great, glorious creation so that with everything special moments arise where it is more excited and others where it is less so.

229,7. “To be sure the sun always gives an even light; this reminds me of the incessant occupation with You, mentioned by You.

229,8. "But this is not the case with the dispensing of warmth; also the sun seems to observe a certain gradation and to shine sometimes more, sometimes less intensely.

229,9. "The trees are not continually in blossom nor do they incessantly bear fruit, - yet they always stand there in Your order.

229,10. 'The air itself often works havoc and moves in mighty agitation above us.

229,11. "Also the mountains do not burn incessantly whilst standing always in Your order; only at times do they become more and more violently stirred and then seem to want to lovingly seize You with their fiery arms.

229,12. “Thus You, O most holy Father, will surely not be too particular if we, driven by our love, with the gestures of our body, including those of the spirit, honor, praise, thank and worship You!

229,13. "Even the rock lets itself be dissolved in the mighty fire which is also a power out of You; why should not also our animated and sensitive body when it is particularly excited by the love for you be carried away by the spirit which always loves You and be also a little dissolved in the fire of love?"

229,14. But the Lord laid His hands on Lamech and said to him: "Lamech! You were a son of the world and at that time you knew nothing of all you have just told Me.

229,15. "How come that you are now speaking like a priest of the height anointed with My Spirit?"

229,16. And Lamech, full of reverence, replied: “O Lord, I talk as inspired by my heart and my love for You."

229,17. Thereupon the Lord said to Lamech: "If someone loves Me above all and his heart, aglow in such great love for Me, tells him: 'Do this!' or: 'Do that!', let him do it, and I will look with pleasure upon all that the pure love for Me will be doing.

229,18. "But let love be the light and sole road sign of you all forever in My name! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-229 Chapter