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230,1. After this sublime instruction Lamech, full of gratitude and humility, again began to speak and asked the Lord:

230,2. „O Lord, having once begun to entreat and ask You, and fully trusting in Your infinite goodness and patience, I dare to continue to entreat and ask You.

230,3. "I want to learn directly from Your most holy mouth Your detailed instructions on what pleases You so that man might act on them in all his earthly affairs.

230,4. "For look, O holy Father, on a completed road from one place to another no one can lose his way, except he had wanted to lose it deliberately or had tried to find a short-cut, on which occasion he could have lost his way and ended up in a thick scrub filled with snakes and vipers.

230,5. "So nothing could be more desirable for us all than a road precisely outlined by You, O holy Father, namely, a definite law to act thus and not otherwise.

230,6. "For, once we have a rule prescribed by You personally, we then know that You want and what is in keeping with Your divine order and it will be very easy to live in a way pleasing to You.

230,7. "Without a rule our every step must be accompanied by great fear lest we easily commit an offence against Your most holy order.

230,8. "If it might please You, O holy Father, I would ask You for it in the name of the whole lowland, at the same time assuring You of my incessant, most punctual loyalty always and forever!"

230,9. And the Lord lifted up His hand and said to Lamech and all the others: "Verily, verily, say I, now still the holy and most loving Father to you all:

230,10. "Once I shall bind you through laws, I shall also bind you through judgment; for without judgment no law is possible nor is any judgment possible without laws!

230,11. "If you, Lamech, had had laws from Me, I would not have come to you as a Father and thus a helper to you all, but as a most inexorable judge to condemn you for all your evil deeds!

230,12. "However, from the beginning you had no laws; thus you were like infants in the cradle. You have done much evil, indeed you have committed atrocious deeds; but, having no definite law directly from Me, but only an indirect advice, you were so far not liable to any judgment, - and now I am here to help you.

230,13. "How can you, Lamech, then ask Me for laws?

230,14. "What is better, to be quite free in the love for Me, thus having Me as a Father, or to be bound by laws, thereby having Me as a permanent judge?

230,15. Verily, say I to you all: I will rather destroy the whole of creation than fetter My children with laws, thereby ceasing to be their Father and judging them for eternal death!

230,16. “Therefore you, Lamech, take back your request and let it completely wither within you; for in all your erstwhile wickedness I liked you better than I would if you were to observe the laws with the most painstaking severity.

230,17. "For the law rescinds all love between the lawgiver and the one encumbered with the law and instead of love establishes the most severe, inexorable judgment.

230,18. "Who can say of himself: 'I can completely fulfill the law!'?

230,19. "Look, I alone could do this, but no other free being; the created being would have to walk in judgment like the animals.

230,20. "If so, where is the free life-activity of the spirit?

230,21. Woe betide you and woe betide every nation to whom I shall give laws; for then the house of the Father will be locked with iron bolts!

230,22. "And unless I come personally to fulfill the same, the whole of creation will perish!

230,23. "Therefore, I now give you no law, but only tell you as a Father to love Me above all and each other as you love yourselves. This is My will; all else do out of the wisdom which comes to you through My love, and you will live as it is most pleasing to Me.

230,24. "Observe all this and do accordingly and you will have My love at all times and the great house of your Father shall not ever be closed to you! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-230 Chapter