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234,1. At this instruction and order by the Lord, Lamech went at once to the throne-room to fetch the tablet.

234,2. Going to the throne in a worshipful attitude and then giving honor to God, he reached with the greatest reverence for the tablet, which was erected on the throne.

234,3. When he tried to lift and carry it away, the tablet suddenly became so heavy that it was a sheer impossibility for him to move it.

234,4. After several futile attempts to lift the holy tablet and carry it according to the Lord's will to the dining-hall where He would breathe at it after which he - namely, Lamech - would carry it into the temple, he began to ponder earnestly, and it seemed to him as though he had once heard either from Kisehel, Enoch, or from the Lord Himself the words: 'Without Me you can do nothing, but with Me, simply everything!'

234,5. Having been struck by this lucky notion, he bowed deeply to the mighty tablet, left the throne-room and thus returned to the most exalted company in the dining-hall without having achieved his purpose.

234,6. But everyone began to wonder and asked him from all sides: "But brother Lamech, - how about the holy tablet?

234,7. "Did you maybe no longer find it, since you are coming back empty-handed?"

234,8. But Lamech said to all those asking him: „O dear brothers, take to heart as I do on account of this manifestation this brief, but otherwise most important lesson:

234,9. "If the almighty Lord and most loving, holy Father is with us, we can do everything in Him and through Him; but without Him we can do nothing.

234,10. "I was a fool; wherefore I went into the throne-room so as to fetch the holy tablet. But experience has shown me sufficiently what man can do without the Lord.

234,11. "Therefore, I am now hurrying to the Lord so that He may be with me, and I shall surely not again appear here empty-handed.

234,12. "Let all this be always thoroughly observed and faithfully heeded by me and all of you!"

234,13. Here Lamech went to the Lord, Who in the meantime had spoken to Enoch and the other seven, fell down before Him and said:

234,14. „O Lord and holy Father, look graciously down at me, the greatest of fools! I am the greatest of imbeciles, trying to lift without Your help Your holy tablet to bring it here according to Your gracious command. But when due to its immense weight I could not move the holy tablet from the spot, it only then became clear to me that without You one can do nothing -least of all when You are directly concerned -, but everything with You, in You and through You, O You holy, most loving Father!

234,15. “Therefore, not having achieved my purpose, I again come to You and ask You from the bottom of my heart to come with me to the throne room and help me to move the holy tablet.

234,16. "Otherwise it cannot ever be moved to the temple."

234,17. Here the Lord bent down, lifted Lamech up and said to him: "Yes, so it is, My Lamech; with Me you can do everything, - without Me, nothing! 18. "Who could increase his physical size by even the tenth part of a span? Who can say: Let this or that be done, and it would happen according to his will?

234,19. To Me alone all things are forever subject!

234,20. "Hence, whoever is with Me, is also with My power - for I Myself am the eternal, infinite power - and can therefore achieve anything in Me and with Me.

234,21. "So go with Me and I shall be with you; then we shall see whether the tablet will still be too heavy to move."

234,22. And Lamech went back with the Lord to the throne-room and they all followed them and saw them lift the holy tablet and then carry it back to the dining-hall, where Lamech set it up on the main dining-table and the Lord breathed upon it.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-234 Chapter