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235,1. After the Lord had breathed on the tablet He turned to Lamech and said to him as well as to his fellow countrymen:

235,2. "Now listen, Lamech, and you all who are also children of Cain! You, Lamech, have asked Me for laws, and behold, I did not give you any, lest a judgment come over you and all your people!

235,3. "How burdensome a law out of Me is, you, Lamech, have tried out when you wanted to lift the tablet without My help.

235,4. "Behold, I Myself told you to fetch the tablet. You at once did according to My will; for you went at once to fetch the tablet.

235,5. "But were you able to bring it here by yourself?

235,6. "No, you say; for it was far too heavy for you.

235,7. "Look, also many people knowing of My laws would honestly endeavor to fulfill the same, provided they did not encounter too many trials and difficulties.

235,8. "If, however, they were confronted with the difficulties, what would happen unless, like now, I were among them visibly; and if also the firm, unshakable faith in Me and with it the necessary love for Me were lost among the late descendants, so that no one could come and say to Me, as you do now: 'Lord, I now realize that without You one can do nothing; so come and help me lift and move the great, heavy burden!'?

235,9. "Thereby I wanted to show you that man cannot ever fulfill a divine commandment completely; and whoever had done everything possible out of his firmest will and then said: 'Lord, behold, I have fulfilled your will to the last jot!', he would be a great liar and a great evil-doer.

235,10. "For no one can completely fulfill a divine law - except God! - Why?

235,11. "Because the law is divine - being out of God - and therefore contains infinite conditions!

235,12. "When man has done everything according to My revealed will and thereby tries to be justified before Me, he must say in his humble heart:

235,13. "O Lord and Father, be gracious and merciful to me, an idle and useless servant!

235,14. For I have gnawed at the rind, but the wood and the marrow of the law have been untouched by the tooth of my willpower!'

235,15. "When someone thus acts according to My will, let him do it as if he did it out of his own strength, albeit always fully trusting in My strong aid; however, having done something according to My will, he must at once actively remember that he did nothing, but I did everything through him!

235,16. "Whoever realizes this actively within, will be justified before Me through this his humble cognition.

235,17. "But he who takes credit for his own deeds, will one day be called to account where hardly a balance will be struck, ... unless such a reckoner early enough takes recourse to the calculating chart of humility and openly confesses on this chart to be the greatest debtor before Me!

235,18. "So as to protect you and your people as much as possible from the law, the fulfillment of My law being too difficult, even totally impossible for you, I give you no commandment other than that of love - which actually is no commandment, for love is really everyone's own life - and that you do not say My name idly - for it is the name of God, Who is forever holy, holy, holy! -, and that you always believe that I am the one and only God and Creator of heaven and earth and of countless suns and worlds in My infinity!

235,19. “Therefore, love and honor Me at all times above all and believe that I am your God and exceedingly good Father, Who is now telling you this, then you have done more than if you had painstakingly fulfilled ten thousand laws.

235,20. "Let this tablet remind you always of Me and fill your hearts with love, reverence and faith in Me, and I shall be in spirit always with you and you will have and find in Me life eternal!

235,21. "And so let us lift this tablet and carry it to the place of its exalted destination for your eternal salvation. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-235 Chapter