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236,1. After this speech and lesson Lamech bowed deeply before the tablet and seizing it carried it at a slow and deliberate pace; for with each pace he pondered on Who He is Who follows him with Enoch, and what may be His Name.

236,2. However, as they reached the great exit gate of the palace, the whole great place outside the palace was so crowded with people that Lamech found it impossible to get out of the gate; for those standing in the gate could not give way, being pushed too much by those further away. What was to be done now?

236,3. Lamech, greatly embarrassed by this, turned to the Lord and said to Him, full of the deepest reverence:

236,4. „O Lord, behold my great embarrassment and fear! What is now to be done?

236,5. “To use force here would be very wrong and of little use.

236,6. “To push them back through the might of Your miraculous power would also be improper; for they are all invited guests and also, O holy Father, Your little children.

236,7. "And finally, leaving by a different gate should not be proper on this particular eternally most sublime occasion.

236,8. "But to You, O holy Father, another thousand exits will be open; would You not graciously indicate to me the best?

236,9. "Oh, I entreat You from the bottom of my heart! Your holy will be done always and forever. Amen."

236,10. Thereupon the Lord said to Lamech: "My Lamech, do you still not know the main key by means of which everyone can open the great gate of eternal life even for himself?

236,11. "Behold, the key is called 'love'. So let us try with this key to push back the little children from the gate. And if this key does not succeed, there is another called 'patience'; with patience one overcomes everything.

236,12. "So let us try the first main key whilst keeping the second fully ready, and be assured we shall certainly not be stuck with these two keys of life."

236,13. Here even Enoch exclaimed loudly: „O you holy teaching and You holy Teacher; yes, You, O Father, alone are the holiest, eternally purest love!"

236,14. But the Lord said to Enoch: "Yes, yes, My beloved, dear Enoch, this is how we must instruct the poor little children, carrying them on our arms, so that they may become strong and thereby rich in love, grace and eternal life before us.

236,15. “Therefore, avoid also on the height everything forceful and sublimely and mysteriously pompous, but walk about in loving modesty and unpretentious like Me, and all hearts will find peace in you, as in Me through you life eternal!"

236,16. Here Lamech went to the people standing in the gate and said to them: "Brothers, by the way if you can make just enough room for us to get through singly; but none of you shall use force on his neighbor.

236,17. "For we are quite prepared to be patient until you have arranged yourselves amongst each other."

236,18. And presently those told informed their neighbors who informed theirs and it was passed on to the last man.

236,19. And it did not take a quarter of an hour until the gate was cleared and all had enough room to proceed unhindered on their way.

236,20. Now the Lord called Lamech back a little and asked him: "Well, My Lamech, what do you now say of these My two main keys?"

236,21. And Lamech, struck down by the great goodness of the Lord, said weeping: „O holy Father! That I can now say, that You alone are good and are love! And I now love You above all!"

236,22. And the Lord said to him: "So walk along. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-236 Chapter