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237,1. While this exalted procession was winding its way through the lanes of the great city the people everywhere joined it, but a great crowd moved also ahead.

237,2. But Lamech remembered the Lord's words when He said: "No one shall walk before you!", and was again seized with great embarrassment. However, not wishing to disturb the order he dared not turn back to ask the Lord what to do.

237,3. As they reached a broad lane, more and more people pushed their way in; this became too much for Lamech.

237,4. And he remained standing and was very moved in his heart.

237,5. But the Lord, seeing how matters stood with Lamech, acted as though He did not notice Lamech's distress.

237,6. When Lamech did not dare proceed the Lord finally asked him: "Lamech! Why do you stop?

237,7. "Look, we have still half way to go and My time is near!

237,8. "Therefore you should walk, but not stop."

237,9. Only now did Lamech pluck up courage again and said to the Lord: „O holy, most loving Father, behold, I remembered Your telling me that no one should precede me. And look: Thousands are ahead of us!"

237,10. But the Lord replied to Lamech, saying: "That I also see, My Lamech! Did you make it known beforehand that no one should precede us?

237,11. "You say: 'Oh! That I did not remember.'

237,12. "Well, if so, why are you feeling annoyed at the crowd ahead?

237,13. "But I did not mean this present procession, but merely the official procession of your priesthood.

237,14. "So set your mind at rest and go ahead; for thus it is right and shall always be that the people shall walk in our sight.

237,15. 'Things shall remain in this order from now on and forever physically and spiritually.

237,16. "Hence do keep the people in your sight always, and you will be for Me a true shepherd of this My flock! Amen."

237,17. This speech calmed Lamech and he now walked briskly ahead.

237,18. As they left the city behind and Lamech saw the magnificent temple close by, he became extremely happy and almost began to jump with joy.

237,19. He would have done it had he not felt embarrassed before the people.

237,20. But the Lord said to him: "Listen, Lamech, My children are allowed to rejoice in My name at their heart's content! So you may jump like a stag; for I like the one better who rejoices in My name than one who grieves at My heart

237,21. "For I created you for bliss, not for sadness."

237,22. Here Lamech began to jump in earnest.

237,23. When the people saw this they began to mightily wonder and some of them praised God for it and also jumped out of great joy.

237,24. But others said: "Look, look, our erstwhile killer-king has turned into a dancer!

237,25. "This was surely done to him by those from the height; for they are said to be the mightiest of magicians whom even the stones obey!"

237,26. Again others rebuked them for such talk and said: "Do you not see the tablet adorned with the name of God and the mighty walk along?

237,27. "So do not talk envious stuff, but worship the holy tablet of the eternal, almighty God, about Whom the great seer of God, the prince Farak, once instructed us!"

237,28. Amid such incidents they now reached the golden gate of the outer wall

237,29. And Mura opened the gate; and the procession proceeded to the temple; but the people did not dare set foot across this threshold and remained quite orderly outside the wall.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-237 Chapter