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240,1. When the Lord had thus blessed the temple, Lamech set down the tablet on the altar and the Lord's hand touched the tablet

240,2. And behold, two extremely serious-looking cherubs, standing on both sides of the altar on light cloudlets, were seen by all those present.

240,3. Thereupon the Lord breathed across the tablet and presently a light cloud-pillar stood above the tablet and the altar, reaching up to the golden ceiling.

240,4. When all those present beheld all this, they became frightened and even Enoch observed this phenomenon with the greatest and most reverential attention and said to himself:

240,5. „O You holy, most loving Father, - how infinitely good You are! On Your hallowed height You hardly wanted an altar and let Yourself be talked into accepting a most common sacrificial altar, not wanting to leave to us children of the mountains a visible sign other than the newly restored grotto of Adam and the extremely modest hut of Purista.

240,6. "But here You erected such a grand monument that the sun, the moon and all the stars of heaven will look down on it with reverence and the children of the height will look down with great jealousy into the now so highly blessed lowlands.

240,7. „O holy, most loving Father, You do strange things and nobody can fathom the meaning of Your counsel; I only know that You are doing all this out of Your endless love and mercy, wherefore to You alone always and forever all my love!"

240,8. But the Lord looked at Enoch and said to him through the heart: "Enoch, behold, here the Name, up there the bearer of the same; here a sign, up there the Giver of the sign; here My light, up there My Being; here the splendor of the sign, up there the Father's might; here everything out of precious stones and the gold of the earth, up there the Father's love and living mildness!

240,9. "My Enoch, what seems better to you?"

240,10. And Enoch said, moved to the core: “O You inexpressibly loving, most holy Father! Here my heart becomes silent in its immense love for You and all I can say is: 0 Father, how infinitely good You are!"

240,11. Thereupon the Lord said to Enoch in a loud voice before all: "Enoch, you My sole High Priest of this time when heaven and earth have merged into one and the fellowship has been established between the angels of heaven and you, My children, I tell you: Also this flock be from now on entrusted to your care!

240,12. "Whenever you see their need, come to this place and put everything in good order in My name.

240,13. “To Sehel on the height say he shall again come to Me, for I need him; tell him also to take a sword and, girded with the same, walk around like a supreme prince of all the angels of heaven ready for constant battle.

240,14. "Do not fail to do this; for Sehel's time is measured like Mine."

240,15. Here the Lord again turned to Lamech and said to him: "Lamech, behold, everything is arranged; remain in this order now clearly announced to you and you will always remain in the living fellowship of the heavens and you and all the people will prosper on earth!

240,16. Whoever will love Me above all and will out of great love for Me deny himself in all that is of the world, shall have life eternal and will not see, feel or taste death.

240,17. "In this holy place you shall at all times learn My will if you will first sacrifice your heart to Me in prayer.

240,18. "Whenever Enoch will come to you, or you to him, you shall always listen to him for yourself and all your people.

240,19. "So be guided by Enoch all of you; for I will speak to you out of his mouth.

240,20. "Now receive My fatherly blessing all of you! My love be with you all! Amen."

240,21. Here the Lord disappeared, and they all sobbed and wept.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-240 Chapter