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242,1. After this more general speech Enoch turned to Lamech personally and said to him:

242,2. "And now, my beloved brother Lamech, listen to what I say to you alone; for this is the Lord's will concerning only you:

242,3. "You shall now dose the temple for ninety-one days; but on the ninety-first day counting from tomorrow you shall open the temple in the morning and not enter it until in the evening, staying in the same during one turn of the shadow.

242,4. "Standing in the temple before God, you shall use neither your mouth nor your hands, but shall wait calmly for the Spirit of God and shall await Him in all the humility and love of your heart.

242,5. "You shall not say with the heart and even less with the mouth: 'Great, almighty God, You holy Spirit of all eternal power and might, come to me and announce to me from Your holy mouth Your most holy will!',

242,6. "But you shall speak within you before God, merely feeling it vividly: “O God, You sole Lord of heaven and earth, here am I, a most unworthy sinner before You, and unworthy for You to look at me in this Your established holy place.

242,7. "You Yourself have called me to enter this holy house; thus Your holy will be done with me always and forever.

242,8. "0 God, - since You have personally taught us to love You as a Father and to recognize and thus call to You as the sole true Father, I call to You:

242,9. "O You holy, most loving Father, be gracious and merciful to me, a poor sinner, and forgive me for daring to love You with my impure heart and as a gross sinner to call You as a Father!'

242,10. "Now look, my beloved brother Lamech, this shall always be your business in the temple.

242,11. "Having done this with great inner feeling, be fully at peace and await the Lord's Word and will.

242,12. "If it comes, pay great attention to it, write it down on tablets and announce it to the people.

242,13. "If it does not come, give honor to God in your heart, then, full of reverence, leave the temple and lock it again for ninety-one days.

242,14. "As to the precinct, it shall always be opened on the Sabbath to the people in the morning and be left open until the morning of the following day so that people living further away and unable to reach the holy place on the Sabbath can still take part.

242,15. "At the gate of the precinct two guards shall always be present examining and warning those entering the precinct.

242,16. "For whoever would approach the temple as unworthy, - what awaits him you have heard from the Lord personally.

242,17. “Thus everyone wanting to enter shall first be tested in his heart by the gate-keepers; and having found him unworthy, they shall then give him a serious warning not to enter the precinct until he has purified himself and become worthy of entering the precinct.

242,18. "But the examination shall always be directed at the heart of the one wishing to enter; and the guards themselves must be after you the first men of a most pure heart and conduct their office in all humility and love for the Lord.

242,19. “This you still had to learn; and since you are now instructed in everything, and that here in the holy place, let us leave the same, lock the temple and in the precinct take counsel together concerning many a thing and finally return to your house.

242,20. “Thus let all this be done in the name of the Lord! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-242 Chapter