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244,1. After this speech by Enoch all those present - namely, Lamech, Thubalkain, Mura, Cural, the seven messengers and thus also Enoch - left the extensive precinct and proceeded to the city and there to the house of Lamech.

244,2. When this company left the Garden of God (as later on the temple precinct was caned) wanting to proceed to the city, behold, it was stopped by the people!

244,3. For they missed the previously seen young, glorious man and, not having seen him leave the temple nor seeing him now among the company, they suspected Lamech and his company of maybe having locked him up in the temple where he would have to starve and perish.

244,4. When Lamech saw that the people kept becoming more violent and pushed against Lamech shouting: "Lamech, you old blood-thirsty villain, you old tyrant, give us back the glorious man, or else we tear you to pieces!", he became extremely afraid, so much so that he shouted to Enoch:

244,5. "Enoch, you mighty friend of the Lord! Do you not see our great calamity?

244,6. "Must I now perish? I entreat you, advise on how we may here escape the hands of the raging people!"

244,7. Thereupon Enoch turned to Lamech and said to him: „O you of little faith! Are you not holding the keys in your hand?

244,8. "Tell the foolish people to go with you and fetch the young glorious man from the temple! Once they will convince themselves that there is no longer a man there they win surely settle down and we shall be able to go home unhindered; so do this. Amen."

244,9. Here Lamech again took courage and said to the main bawlers: "Listen, the young glorious man by no means allows Himself to be locked up by us; for He is an almighty, sole Lord!

244,10. "Only His holy Name was left behind in this temple; He, however, much to our regret became invisible as soon as He had revealed His holy will to us and then most miraculously blessed the altar and the entire temple!

244,11. “This has in truth happened, and the mighty living cherubs on light clouds at both sides of the altar on which the most holy Name of the glorious Man rests bear witness to it as does the luminous great cloud above the altar!

244,12. "If you do not want to believe my words, here are the keys! Take them and go there, search the temple and then bring the glorious Man here, and He shall then before your eyes take His revenge on me! If you do not find Him you will surely believe that it is as I have told you and will no longer be able to hold anything against me?

244,13. "But take care that your hearts are pure, - otherwise you would fare badly when you approach the temple!"

244,14. When the bawlers had heard this from Lamech, they began to be mightily taken aback and none had the courage to touch the key nor did any of them know how to counter Lamech.

244,15. Lamech now asked them in a serious tone of voice, saying: 'Well, why are you tarrying? Is it not enough proof that I allow you the right to search?"

244,16. Here the bawlers retreated and said: "Now we believe that it is as you told us. Do forgive us our coarse forwardness; for that young man captured our hearts."

244,17. And Lamech answered the speaker: "But I tell you also: Do remain always in this active mood for the young Man and you will be on the right road; for this Man is God from eternity, - He is the God of Farak!"

244,18. Here all the people recoiled and our company proceeded - as previously shown - unhindered to the city and thus into the house of Lamech.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-244 Chapter