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247,1. When Lamech re-entered the dining-hall with his newly adopted company, Enoch at once met him halfway and said to him:

247,2. "Lamech, my beloved brother, what is wrong with you today? Formerly everything was in the best order, you merely had to sign and the food stood on the table; now you are going for the second time and since your first order for food and drink almost two turns of the shadow have passed, and still the tables are completely empty.

247,3. "Has perchance your supply been used up and your larders are empty, or has something else occurred? In short, do tell me what all this means."

247,4. However, Enoch and all the others from the height well knew the reason for it and Enoch merely put this question so that Lamech might be enabled to go within himself more deeply and humbly.

247,5. And Lamech became mightily stupefied so that he did not know what to reply to Enoch. After a little while he finally collected himself and addressed the following words to Enoch:

247,6. "Sublime, mighty friend of the Lord! Behold, when following your advice I expressed my demand to the table steward he was amazed at my words; but I showed him the difference between Lamech the king and Lamech the leader.

247,7. "To make him see and comprehend this even more clearly I told him to immediately summon all my servants who should then look up all the poor in the city and set free the imprisoned so that they might all come here, namely, to the throne-room, there to be entertained in the best manner with food and drink as brothers and sisters to me, as hopefully to all of us.

247,8. "Here by my side you see eight such brothers and sisters against whom Lamech the king had gravely sinned; now Lamech the leader wants in the name of the Lord to care for their temporal and eternal welfare and is firmly determined to bestow this as perfectly as possible on all those whom the king in whatever way ever oppressed, paying special attention to those whom the king made languish in the prisons.

247,9. 'The hall already filled with such brothers and sisters may convince you, sublime friend of the Lord, of the truth of my statement.

247,10. "This is the reason for the delay in the serving of our food; but now it shall soon adorn our tables."

247,11. Here Enoch embraced Lamech and said to him: “O you my now above all beloved, true brother in the Lord! Behold, now the Lord has wiped out all your sin. You are now standing there purer than the sun in the clearest noon sky.

247,12. "Behold, this is the great, living meaning of the temple and all its arrangement:

247,13. "You are the temple; your nature is the now mainly firmness of the temple; the windows are the cognition in you, issuing from the flaming light of your love; the golden roof is your enlightened head; the altar in the same is your heart; the cherubs at both sides of the altar signify your neighborly love, and the living Name on the altar and the luminous cloud above the same are your living love for the Lord, out of which you are doing all this; and the cloud which reaches up to the ceiling moreover indicates that you have made a perfect covenant of love with the Lord; but the precinct is your physical life in which you now exercise neighborly love.

247,14. “O brother, look, thus the Lord has prepared for you a great glory and has made you His child! You and your people shall be blessed!

247,15. "So that you may see how much this pleases the Father, let us go to the throne-room; there you will learn with what goodwill He looks upon such actions.

247,16. "There we will also have the evening meal. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-247 Chapter