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248,1. After this speech by Enoch everyone went to the throne-room and Brudal was told to bring the food for the exalted guests to the throne-room and there arrange for a comfortable table for them.

248,2. This was promptly done. But when the principal guests entered the throne-room a great shout of joy went up and Lamech was joyfully amazed at the number of guests and even more at the great and abundant choice of the most delicious fruits.

248,3. Therefore, he summoned Brudal and asked him, saying: "But listen, you my dear brother! What is this? Where did you obtain these fruits never seen by me? Did you also maybe work wonders? How did this come about?"

248,4. And Brudal, himself full of amazement at this extraordinary phenomenon: „O exalted leader of the people! About this you are asking me in vain; for I am just discovering it myself.

248,5. "I reckon the sublime, mighty guests from the height will be able to give you the most valid explanation; so better turn to them with your most worthy question."

248,6. When Lamech had heard this from Brudal, he at once turned to Enoch and addressed the following words to him, saying: "Listen, mighty friend of the Lord! You are surely also seeing what makes me nearly expire with amazement; do tell me how this can be. For it is true that all things are possible to the Lord and great things to you through Him, - but turning my poor fruits into these fine ones, look, this is incomprehensible to me.

248,7. "It will be an easy thing for the Lord to create the most wonderful, finest fruits in the way of His eternal order; but is it not against His holy order to make the finest and very best out of the poorest? In short, this matter is to me too obscure and thus too incomprehensible; so enlighten me on it.”

248,8. And Enoch smiled at Lamech and said to him: „O dear brother, you are getting excited asking about a lock of sheep's wool; but you seem to miss the point.

248,9. "You now ask me in your heart saying: 'What is this important point, and where is it?'

248,10. "You said just now it seemed to you that the Lord owing to His eternal, holy order could not create precious and good things out of bad things.

248,11. "Did you not hear that the Lord when He created them called all things good? Where, then, are the bad supposed to be?

248,12. "I tell you: Nothing in the world is bad except man when he turns in his heart from the Lord; and if man is so wicked and bad, then the whole world is for him wicked and bad.

248,13. "If you are pure within your heart, everything will be pure for you, that is, you will behold everything in truth; but if your heart is impure, everything will be to you like your heart.

248,14. "How were you formerly as a king? - You were bad, wicked, full of cunning and deceit; therefore your poor people were mostly against you and you could even in the most honest man see nothing but a most cunning rascal wherefore you had him thrown into prison.

248,15. "Behold, the Lord had mercy upon you, saved you from perdition and lo, you no longer see a rascal and those whom you had thrown into prison are now the most friendly guests in your throne-room and are all brothers and sisters!

248,16. "Now look: If the Lord could better and purify you, who were truly wicked and bad, it should be an easy matter for Him to improve the fruits of this soil.

248,17. “These fruits signify to you the active fruits of your heart and thus the Lord's pleasure in them; hence you have here before your eyes what I had predicted to you in the other hall, namely, the Lord's appreciation.

248,18. "Look, that is behind this manifestation; and so let us go to the table prepared for us and strengthen ourselves in the Lord's name. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-248 Chapter