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249,1. And so the whole company followed Enoch to the table, which was already laid with all sorts of fruits.

249,2. All thanked the Lord whole-heartedly for such grace and entreated Him to remain with them henceforth and always with His sublimely blessing grace and also protect them against any threat to the spirit and the body.

249,3. After this innermost entreaty Enoch blessed the food and drink in the name of the Lord and then said: "Well then, dear brothers and sisters, let us joyfully strengthen our body and eat and drink in the name of the Lord!"

249,4. And everybody promptly reached for the fruits, which, however, were not changed on this table of the high guests; but Lamech had a strong desire for the fine fruits.

249,5. But Enoch said to him: "Brother Lamech, the Lord created numerous animals that exist solely so that they might feed day and night; but He did not give existence to us men for us to live only in order to eat, but that we might perfect our spirit, eating within reasonable limits in order to maintain the body; and we do not have this spurious life so that we might eat the best and finest fruits of the earth in excess.

249,6. “Therefore, do not covet those finer fruits gracing the tables of your guests, but stick in gratitude with what the Lord bestowed on us."

249,7. After these words Lamech was at once fully satisfied with the food on his table and thoroughly enjoyed it.

249,8. When everyone was thus merrily eating and drinking, a dispute arose outside the door of the throne-room, which threatened to become more and more violent.

249,9. Lamech rose at once and went to investigate what was going on.

249,10. On reaching the door, lo and behold, he saw several poor people who were prevented from entering by some rough servants of Lamech because they were late and, with the exalted lords already present, it was improper for them to enter the dining-hall.

249,11. When Lamech saw this mischief on the part of his servants, he almost flew into a rage and said to the servants: „O you wicked brood of vipers! Thank the Lord God for keeping a tight rein on my justified wrath! Truly, formerly for this your action the lowest of all my dungeons would have been your lot for the remainder of your life!

249,12. "Since you are my servants, wait for my bidding and then do accordingly as did your superior, Brudal; but let all arbitrary actions be far from you.

249,13. "God is now my and your sole Lord; He has certainly not told you to keep the poor away from me. Thus you acted blindly and arbitrarily.

249,14. "I am telling you for the last time: This is your last arbitrary act! One more such act, and you shall be driven out by me naked into the most desolate desert!

249,15. "Now go to your room and repent of your deed so that God may forgive you! -

249,16. "You, my poor brothers, come with me and strengthen yourselves with food and drink in the dining-hall."

249,17. But one of the ten poor looked particularly miserable, for he was almost half naked; he had been most forcibly prevented from entering by the servants.

249,18. When Lamech saw this one he was moved to tears and said to him: „O you my poor brother, come into my arms! Surely you became impoverished through me. Verily, by my side you shall through the Lord's grace become the richest. So come with me to my table."

249,19. But the poor man said to Lamech: „O just king, I will surely follow you; but do not leave in your disfavor the servants who tried to maltreat me and instead forgive them as whole-heartedly as I have forgiven them."

249,20. 'These words by the poor man broke Lamech's heart completely so that he wept; and he promptly sent another servant who announced their freedom to the hard-hearted servants. Then Lamech entered with his poor man the dining-hall and gave up his seat to him.

249,21. Now also the hard-hearted servants entered, their hearts quite softened, and fell down in gratitude before Lamech. But Lamech lifted them up with his hands and greeted them as brothers.

249,22. But the poor man stood up and, moved to tears, embraced Lamech and then said to him:

249,23. "Lamech, now eternal life has embraced you, and I, your God and your Lord, will not only be to you a Father, but also a true brother. Thus I shall be dwelling on this earth forever."

249,24. Here they all recognized the Lord in the poor brother.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-249 Chapter