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251,1. When Enoch and all the others had heard this from the Father in the person of the poor man they fell down at His feet, worshiped Him and praised His infinite goodness and endless love.

251,2. And Enoch spoke, full of the highest rapture: „O You holy Father! For many years my poor heart concerned itself with You and discovered that You are the eternal, purest and endless love.

251,3. "Early in life I learnt through my feeling to cling with all my love to You, O holy Father, and through this very same feeling I came to know You as the sole true, infinitely good Father and nothing that was said could instill other notions and ideas in me about You - in short, in my heart I first recognized You fully as the infinitely good Father.

251,4. "When the endless heavenly good fortune and grace fell to the share of all of us on the height that You visited us, I found my earlier instruction through the heart gloriously verified.

251,5. "But notwithstanding all this I would never have dared hold such a notion about You even remotely.

251,6. "Like utterly destroyed do I now stand before You, O holy Father, Who do not only call Yourself poor, but truly want to be poor so as to receive, endlessly glorified through Your love and mercy, all of us and the millions upon millions still to follow us according to Your most holy will as a returned ray of grace which had once gone forth from You, to be for all of us a visible, almighty, most holy Father!

251,7. „O You holy Father, full of all endless, inexpressibly sublime love! Verily, verily, verily, this revelation is too inexpressibly great and holy-sublime for mortal man!

251,8. "Holy, holy, holy are You, O Father, and heaven, sun, moon, the stars and this earth are full of Your endless glory!

251,9. "Therefore, I want to most vehemently praise and love You in my heart above all, all, all!

251,10. „O You infinitely good Father You! If only it were possible to me to make You again rich, restore to You all that Your endless love gave us all so abundantly, yes in such endless abundance, -- what bliss it would be for me!"

251,11. Here the Father embraced Enoch and said: "My beloved Enoch, do not worry about unnecessary things. Behold, if it were My wish to regain all that I have given away, I could take it again; for I alone would possess the necessary might and power, since outside of Me there is neither any might nor power.

251,12. "I tell you: Even though you could give Me suns, moons and all the countless earths in the endless space, all this would be endlessly less before Me than when you love Me above all as a true son loves his alone true Father.

251,13. "For behold, this is the most sublime, that I am to you a true Father and you are My true children.

251,14. "Verily, verily, for the sake of one child I will sacrifice billions of suns and worlds of every kind if I cannot get it back in any other way!

251,15. Yes, listen My Enoch, I will even tell you far more than what I have just told you.

251,16. "Look, you know that I only retained life undivided as My love within Me, when I gave away everything else. This eternal sole life am I Myself; outside of Me there is nothing but death, and nothing has a life - except out of Me.

251,17. "If the point in question were that a child could not be saved unless I sacrificed this My sole everlasting life, I would rather give even this than lose one of My children. - Enoch, do you grasp this love?"

251,18. But Enoch and all the others fell down before the Father and all wept in the excess of their love and none could utter even a word.

251,19. And the Father spoke: „O little children, your good Father has spoken this so that you may realize His love! But He did not say this in vain; for what He said, He will one day do through His Word become flesh in the great Time of times.

251,20. Yes, I shall beget a Son to Whom I shall give all My life, and I shall be in the Son and the Son will be in Me, and the Father and the Son will then be forever completely One. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-251 Chapter