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Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-253 Chapter


253,1. After this speech by the Father they all sat down at the table, full of respect, and ate and drank. But no one at the table dared talk; for the Father's words of infinite wisdom to Enoch had discouraged everyone of them.

253,2. However, among the other guests it was rather lively. Some could not comprehend the change in Lamech and were therefore discussing this phenomenon; but they could not reach a satisfactory conclusion, since most of them did not know what had happened to Lamech within this short time.

253,3. But the poor man and his great wisdom astonished those near the main company and they did not know what to make of him.

253,4. Some whispered to each other: 'This must be a seer."

253,5. Others again said: 'This is surely a snake charmer; for this is how those are supposed to look whom the snakes and vipers obey."

253,6. And again others retorted: "If he were, he would have a magic wand and besides quite secret signs. Therefore, we consider him to be a wise astrologer, and this mainly owing to the fact that he is called by all a 'father', for that is how such a sage is usually called."

253,7. Again another remarked: "I do by no means agree with you. I am hardly mistaken; for I have a keen eyesight and dare to maintain firmly that this poor man is nobody else but that glorious man in disguise who today around midday was beside that ancient sage from the height, when Lamech carried the tablet bearing the Name of Farak's God into the temple. His features are exactly the same; only they are considerably distorted through the exceedingly poor garb."

253,8. Another came to the same conclusion, only he could not see why that glorious man should have disguised himself, there being no reason for it.

253,9. Still another remarked: "If he is the one - which seems likely to me -', he must have disguised himself for the surprise of it. For he was immensely loved by Lamech and is said to have made off secretly in the temple as I heard in passing - for there is said to have been a downright tumult because of it! -; so in order to surprise Lamech and the others even more he disguised himself."

253,10. Here another countered again and said: 'That would be all right; but I can still not comprehend it why they, who are much older, keep calling him 'father'. For it cannot be a mark of distinction because he is a sage; in that case the other sages from the height would also have to bear this honorary title. It must be his name, otherwise I can truly not understand it."

253,11. But one who stood right beside the speaker, told him: "Whatever you say would be right; but I noticed one circumstance which is of the utmost importance. Did you not see how the whole exalted company prostrated itself before him weeping and downright worshipping him?

253,12. "Were he only a great sage - such as the great teacher Farak once was and the great and even miracle-working sages from the height are -, they would not do this, including Lamech.

253,13. Thus there must be something quite extraordinary and special behind this man. To find out what it is will be extremely difficult for us two, as well as for everyone of us.

253,14. "So let us be quiet and peaceful and not blow where we do not burn; rather let us reach for the fruits. - Do you understand me?"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-253 Chapter