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254,1. When all had appeased their hunger sufficiently they rose and thanked the Lord for the excellent and tasty meal.

254,2. Thus did all those invited, partly the poor and partly the former prisoners.

254,3. All these guests thanked also the God of Farak; for they did not know that the holy Giver was in their midst.

254,4. Only after they had given their silent thanks to the God of Farak did everyone of them step up to Lamech, cross his hands over the breast and thus thank also him for his great kindness.

254,5. But Lamech, not accepting their gratitude, turned to them and with his eyes signed to the poor guests to thank the poor man, adding a little on the sly: "Not I, but this One is the true Giver of all these and countless more good gifts."

254,6. The poor guests looked at each other dumbfounded and asked each other in secret: "What does the exalted king Lamech thereby wish to indicate? We are supposed to thank the poor man who, like us, has nothing? The king has always been full of the most peculiar whims and this is surely another one of them. Who knows whether he will not let us be boiled and roasted this very day! So let us try to get away from him as quickly as possible!"

254,7. When Lamech heard such a whisper he grasped the hand of one of the suspicious ones and, following his old custom, asked him somewhat gruffly: "Unfortunate friend, why do you still think ill of me?"

254,8. This question alarmed the one asked so much so that he fell almost senseless to the ground before Lamech.

254,9. “This horrified also Lamech and he did not know what to do. Therefore, he hurried to the Father and told Him about it

254,10. And the Father said to Lamech: "Behold, you must from now on not act without Me if you want to do good to the world.

254,11. "Look, this people does not know as yet that you are no longer a king, but have become merely a guiding high priest to the people through Me and out of Me; this is why the people do not trust you as yet, seeing in you still the horrible tyrant.

254,12. "So mount the throne and declare to the people in My name what you now are and what your plans are with the people, and everything will fall into place. So go and do with few words what I have advised you to do."

254,13. But Lamech asked the Father whether it was seemly for him to mount the throne knowing that previously the most holy Name had rested on the same.

254,14. And the Father spoke to Lamech: "How can you be so foolish now? Behold, you can talk to Me whereas you are afraid of the throne because My name had rested on the same for a while, drawn by you personally? Tell Me, what is more, I or My name?

254,15. "If you already out of sheer respect towards My name do not want to stand on the throne making your proclamation issuing from and ordered by Me, climb on this chair and proclaim the same; for I will not coerce you."

254,16. Lamech did not have to be told twice and promptly got onto the chair and preached to the people telling them in a friendly and loving manner what had happened to him, what he had become and how he would henceforth remain unchanged.

254,17. When the poor people had heard this, they suddenly began to rejoice and every tongue glorified and praised the God of Farak.

254,18. When Lamech stepped down from the chair the Father pointed out to him that he had stood on the chair on which He, the holy, almighty God, had sat Himself.

254,19. Then Lamech fell down before Him and asked His forgiveness.

254,20. But the Father lifted him up and told him: "My beloved Lamech! I did not point this out to you to tell you that you had sinned before Me, but only that you can still use your throne for such instructive purposes even though the tablet had been lying on it.

254,21. "I tell you: My eye is only turned to the heart. All else has no value before Me; for I am Love personified and therefore want nothing but love.

254,22. "Now mount the throne and through a good speech introduce Me to these people so that they may no longer whisper and wonder about Me, but fully learn Whom they have in their midst Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-254 Chapter