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Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-255 Chapter


255,1. And Lamech mounted the throne without qualms and in an orderly speech announced the most holy, most loving, eternal Father's presence in the person of the poor man.

255,2. When all the poor and the former prisoners heard this from Lamech and also how the temple had been ordered and truly miraculously built by this same most holy Father, the poor fell down and worshiped Him.

255,3. But the former prisoners spoke among themselves: "It is incomprehensible to me that the almighty God Who with His omnipotence comprises heaven and earth, Whom the sun, the moon and all the stars and the winds, the clouds, lightning and all the great waters obey, should be such a miserable man.

255,4. "This is surely another humbug of Lamech. He has realized that he could not achieve anything by force with the great mountain dwellers; so he had to swallow his pride and either accept their conditions or jump over the fire.

255,5. "So he firstly had to relinquish his ridiculous divinity and secondly also his kingship. Still wanting to rule over us, he cleverly contrived to invent for us with the friendly help of the mighty and wise mountain dwellers a visible deity, which should so to speak anoint him a completely legitimate autocrat before our eyes.

255,6. „O Lamech, we are as wise as you arc! If you want to deceive the seeing, you must go about it in a different way; for in this way it is impossible.

255,7. "Let us go to the poor man and earnestly ask him what his divinity is all about and it shall soon become evident what is behind Lamech's bragging.

255,8. "But woe betide you, Lamech, if your poor man does not turn out to be what you claimed him to be! In that case we will roast you alive!"

255,9. And presently several of them stepped up to the poor man, and the main speaker addressed the following question to Him:

255,10. "Listen, you otherwise righteous and honest looking poor man! Are you really what the shrewd Lamech on the throne claimed you to be?

255,11. "Consider well before you talk; for if we should see that you conspire with Lamech you will fare very badly!

255,12. "Farak proclaimed the true God; his holy teaching endured up to the brothers of Lamech, whom the latter slew out there in the scrub near the great mud-holes, swamps and molasses because he wanted to be a god and a lord himself. Who knows what the shrewd one is now plotting.

255,13. 'Therefore, speak the full truth before us, or you shall fare badly and Lamech not better than you!"

255,14. After this request the Lord rose and said to the angry ones: "Why do you ask Me? Did Lamech not tell you? If you have any doubts why do you not go for advice to him who said this about Me?

255,15. "How come the poor can believe what Lamech said, but not you? Will you believe it if I now affirm Lamech's assertion before you?

255,16. "Look, you are still of an evil spirit and therefore cannot believe it!

255,17. "Lamech laid down the scepter for all times when he had recognized Me and instead seized the shepherd's staff offered him by Me; you, however, would like to win the scepter for yourselves and burn Lamech!

255,18. “Therefore, you are full of evil and cannot recognize Me.

255,19. "I shall not tell you who I am; so go to Lamech and argue with him about Me.

255,20. "Verily, the Father always bides His time and will not let you recognize Him until the time is right. And now go away lest you perish! Amen.

255,21. Here the angry ones began to scratch themselves behind the ears and gradually moved towards Lamech's throne. When they arrived there they became uneasy and confused, so much so that none of them knew what to say; for the poor man's words cut them to the quick.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-255 Chapter