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257,1. After this speech the doubters, timid and cornered, went over to the poor man, led by Lamech.

257,2. When they arrived there they bowed to the poor man and the spokesman asked Him the following question, saying: "If I am allowed to speak before you as to a human, tell me, and I will speak."

257,3. And the Lord said: "I know what it is you want to discuss with Me; so as far as I am concerned you need not worry your tongue, but if you do want to speak, speak for the sake of your brothers and yourself."

257,4. Here the spokesman was mightily taken aback and said after a while: "Yes, if that is so in all seriousness, I can be quiet and only ask you to enlighten me thereby putting an end to our continual doubting; for light, indeed true light, is what we need above all! This you can surely do if we implore you."

257,5. And the Lord spoke: "Listen, whoever puts his tongue to Mine, shall have it paralyzed; whoever puts his eye to Mine, shall become blind! Whoever stretches out his arm against Mine, shall be humbled to his last drop of blood; whoever wants to set his feet before Mine, shall become a cripple! If someone wants to lay his head against Mine, his brain shall turn to turgid water and his skull to a vessel full of dirt!

257,6. "But he who in all humility will lift up his heart to Mine, his life I will illumine with the bright flame of his love for Me, and his whole being shall become illumined so that in this light he shall not ever behold death!

257,7. "Farak taught you to know an inaccessible God, and his teaching was absolutely right; for at that time the God of heaven and all earth was for you inaccessible, because then a hyena would have shamed you as concerns love.

257,8. Verily, only a few months have gone by since out of My great mercy I spontaneously under Meduhed and Sihin led away your children since in them a tiny sparkle of love was beginning to show. And I moved them out with My right hand lest this sparkle soon be smothered again in the depth of this mire.

257,9. "And behold, I led Sihin into the desert there giving him a hyena as teacher and had him taught through a lion, then by a bear, a tiger and by a wolf; for at that time these ferocious animals possessed more love and consideration than man.

257,10. "Since man's heart was like this only a few months ago, what was it like centuries ago at the time of Farak?

257,11. "You say: 'We know that till Lamech no human blood has ever been shed; therefore, the people must have been better.'

257,12. "Yes, I tell you, they were better; however, not as free humans, but only as people under judgment who could merely act in accordance with My almighty will.

257,13. "They were coerced thus to act and their action was not a result of their free volition but a work of My omnipotence. But with the eyes of their heart they had to see God as an inexorable judge if they were not to perish. 14. When men kept the eternal Judge's commandments out of their great fear of Him, I took pity on the people and freed them.

257,15. "And behold, no sooner were they, the erstwhile prisoners of My might, set free, - than all the ferocious animals fled before them; for they saw in the freed people only venomous snakes.

257,16. “This I had seen from eternity; but I also knew My time and knew and know it now - quite well why the fructifying rain must be preceded by a storm. And I do what I do, knowing why. But who can demand an account from Me? And if he demands it, will I give it to him?

257,17. "Look, this is how it was and is now. And how will it be from now on? I well know it; but shall I tell you? -- No, you can never talk Me into it; for I am forever free and do what I want to do!

257,18. 'Today I will make the earth white for you and tomorrow you shall see everything black; for I am a Lord and no one can tell Me what to do.

257,19. "You doubt Me because I am poor here. Verily, a God and Lord is not poor; nor am I. But the Lord showed mercy to you and made you free so that He might become your dear Father; and the Father out of His great love gave everything away in order to win you over as children, and thus He is as you see Him here before you.

257,20. "Do not believe Me, but love Me, and you will recognize Me as a true Father.

257,21. "Love will heal you and destroy all your doubts. And so go and probe your heart; become humble, and I shall be for you a true God and Father forever! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-257 Chapter