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259,1. Following this invitation also the others went to the Lord, and at the first approach they already felt that the statement of the speaker was completely true.

259,2. As they now turned towards the poor man, full of love, they all fell down before Him sighing and weeping and with uplifted hands asked His forgiveness for their sins and their gross foolishness and blindness wherefore they could not recognize what endless grace had been bestowed upon all of them.

259,3. But the Lord rose from the chair, lifted up all the prisoners and addressed these words to them: "Little children, look at Me in your hearts and you will with enlightened souls behold that it is I, your Father from eternity, Who now say to you that you are My little children!

259,4. "You have now all come to Me in love, except one, and have recognized Me, your eternal God and Father, also in this poor form.

259,5. "But I tell you that I appear thus poor only to the poor, but infinitely rich to the rich.

259,6. "You were poor in your hearts since little love dwelt in the same so that I could only appear to you poor and extremely needy, just as you had Me in your hearts.

259,7. "For poor was your cognition and poor your love; therefore, I could in truth appear to you only as you yourselves were disposed towards Me in your hearts.

259,8. "Had you been rich, verily, you would have beheld Me rich! For I am poor to the poor, rich to the rich, merciful to the merciful, gentle to the gentle, mild to the mild, just to the righteous, full of grace to those thirsting for the light, a most loving Father to those who love Me, mighty to the mighty, strong to the strong, a Judge to the judges, Life to the living, dead to the dead, a Fire to the fire, a Storm to the storm, a Wrath to the wrath, a Judgment to the judgment, Heaven to the heavens, a Creator to the created beings, a Father to the children, a God to the wise, and to the true brothers I am even Myself a true Brother!

259,9. 'Thus I am All in all! Man beholds Me in accordance with the nature of his own heart; and I will not ever appear to man in a different form from that in which he has visualized Me in his own heart.

259,10. "For no one has a strength nor a vital power within him save the one with which I have endowed him; but for the sake of man's independence I also gave him a completely free will out of Me and made all these vital forces granted him subject to this free will which, like a second God, is as such completely separated from My divine fundamental will. But just as the will is free, also its love and then all its cognition are free.

259,11. "Why did I arrange man in this manner? Because I set him up as My perfect image who was then to develop opposite Me independently, that is, form Me within himself according to his measure, just as I had first formed him according to Mine.

259,12. "Thus man forms Me within himself according to his measure, yet often distorts the basic measure I gave him so much that this new creation in man bears not the slightest resemblance with My original measure.

259,13. "So one person forms Me, the forever eternal Love, into a judge, another into a God of revenge, a third into a wanton, a fourth into a sole sage, a fifth into an implacable eternal almightiness, a sixth into a fatum, a seventh into a ruler of worlds, an eighth into a monstrously sublime great king and Lord of heaven and earth, a ninth into a fire of wrath, a tenth into an eternal, endless energy, an eleventh even buries Me in matter - and a twelfth even in his belly!

259,14. "Thus one forms Me into this and another into that; but only few make the effort of shaping Me in their hearts as the holy and eternally and forever most loving Father.

259,15. "Now listen, My little children! Since man cannot and may not live forever on this earth, having to leave this spurious support, it will soon become evident in and with his spirit how he has formed Me during his time on earth.

259,16. “Then only those will come to the Father who will bring Him along well-formed in their hearts and only they will be able to behold the true primordial countenance of the eternal Father.

259,17. "As every other has malformed Me within, thus he shall have Me henceforth, and love shall faithfully find love, mercy - mercy, wisdom - wisdom, wrath - wrath, the judge - the judge, judgment - judgment, death - death, fire - fire, hell- hell, and so forth.

259,18. "You all were poor and thus I came to you poor, being poor in you; become rich in the love for Me and all your brothers and sisters, and I shall be rich in you!

259,19. "And when you come to Me, you will find an exceedingly rich Father; and when I shall come to you, I shall not come to you as a pauper, but also as an exceedingly rich Father.

259,20. "Enoch and Lamech, heed this lesson also for My children; for it is the true, living school towards eternal life. Thus teach the peoples and children, and teach them to know the Father, not the Judge, and the earth will be cleansed of the curse of the Judge.

259,21. "And you, My little children, do go again except for the one, and this one shall come to Me. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-259 Chapter