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264,1. After these words the main speaker no longer delayed and fully accepted the poor man as the Lord of heaven and earth.

264,2. But now something else began to bother him, wherefore he again turned to his friend and said to him:

264,3. "Listen, you my above all dear friend and brother! Weighing your words more thoroughly and deeply, I have now found it to be not only possible but absolutely real that this Man is in all earnest the supreme divine Being as such, which needs no further proof since my heart infallibly and loudly tells me so.

264,4. "But something totally different is now on my mind, which is far worse than all my former doubts.

264,5. "You look at me in astonishment and probe my eyes and my countenance to see what it may be. I tell you, do not do it; for I will reveal it to you for the sake of your good advice.

264,6. "Look, it is a most horrible fear, indeed such a fear as I have never felt in my whole life.

264,7. "You told me in very forceful words to rush to Him and throw myself down at His feet worshipping Him; how can I now do this since the excessive fear of the endlessly great divine sublimeness is paralyzing all my limbs?

264,8. "So advise me, advise me what to do!

264,9. "I do want to fly there if I possibly could; but it is totally impossible to me. In my trembling heart I am certainly completely with Him, but precisely this horrible being-with-Him cripples all my strength."

264,10. Here the Lord rose and went straight towards our main speaker.

264,11. When the latter noticed this he tried to flee. But his friend seized him by the arm and said to him:

264,12. "Brother, consider what you are going to do! Where do you want to flee and where hide before God? - Look, the Lord is already coming after you; what will you do?"

264,13. Here our speaker lost consciousness and fell to the ground like dead.

264,14. When the Lord reached him, He touched him and said to him: 'Terhad, I tell you: Rise, and be not dead, but alive!"

264,15. Terhad rose instantly and stared at the Lord with an expression of horrible fear.

264,16. But the Lord looked at him mildly and with great friendliness and said to him: 'Terhad, you have always wanted a sign so that you could believe what all the others believe.

264,17. "I told you Myself: If I shall give a sign of My presence to you or to someone else or to a whole people, they are under judgment, which carries death within.

264,18. "But he who recognizes in the heart, has recognized Me freely and thereby found within him the true, eternal life, and death will be far from him forever.

264,19. "Behold, this was the meaning of My speech; but these words did not suffice you and you wanted to seize Me first with your intellect - rather than with your love.

264,20. "I allowed this and spoke to you rationally through the mouth of your brother so that you might grasp that I am in all earnest that which Lamech had proclaimed Me to be on the throne.

264,21. 'Thereby you grasped Me in your intellect filling the same more and more with My primordial-eternal divinity.

264,22. "Expanding your intellect with Me, you forgot your heart which consequently shriveled, and when you tried to absorb Me into your heart, the latter was seized by terror of My magnitude in your intellect and was crushed by it, and you trembled for fear and on My approach fell down like dead.

264,23. "And behold, this was also a sign for you that I am He Whom you would have found alone in the heart much more easily and comfortably without having to have a little taste of judgment.

264,24. "But since you have now recognized Me, seize Me with your heart and be a faithful guardian of My sanctuary which I gave you.

264,25. "Now be serene and happy; for I, your Father, have revealed this to you.

264,26. "Love Me, and you will not ever have to fear Me; for I am only a Savior for you all, but not ever a destroyer. So be serene and happy. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-264 Chapter