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265,1. After this speech by the Lord, Terhad began to breathe more freely; his heart was rid of the fear and a mighty love for the Lord began to fill his whole heart.

265,2. In this new state our main speaker again opened his mouth and relieved his heart through the following words, saying:

265,3. „O You, Who are incomparable, You sole eternally true Father, - so You are the One Whom I never quite dared to think of; for too endlessly holy and sublime sounded in me already the name denoting Him, the almighty Creator of heaven and earth, and often I said to myself secretly:

265,4. „O You holy Name, whenever I think of you, my whole being trembles in all its foundations!

265,5. "Oh, what must the infinitely sublime and holy bearer of the most holy name be in Himself, what holiness, what eternal, infinite glory must surround Him when alone His name thus shatters me and at the uttering of the same I feel like a most miserable worm crawling toilsome and hardly visible on the dead dust of the earth!

265,6. "Behold, behold, O You, Whom to behold my eyes are forever unworthy, thus my heart has been all along disposed despite all my other truly great difficulties!

265,7. "What shall I now think, what feel and say, since You are now standing before us in the greatest simplicity like our brother, whereas the whole endless firmament shines with countless lights out of You, the sun gives Your light to the earth and the moon always girds itself with Your radiance and all the hallowed splendor of the earth is Your work!

265,8. "Indeed, what shall I say before You, O You endlessly good, holy Father, when I consider that You sustain this my life every moment with Your almighty will and every breath is a free, most miraculous gift from You?

265,9. „O You endlessly sublime, most holy, good Father, for love of You I am now quite beside myself! Yes, it is truly true -. O God, O Father, let me say it as I am feeling it! -, yes, it is truly true, I cannot endure it for love in this Your most holy presence!

265,10. "Yet I find it impossible to turn my gaze from You, O You holy, good Father, for one moment.

265,11. "Oh let Yourself be loved by me with all my strength; let Yourself be loved by me, so much so that the fire of my love for You consumes me completely and I fully expire in the love for You, my God, my Jehovah, my holy, good Father!

265,12. „O Father, I can no longer talk; for too mightily does the love for You seize my whole being. Yes, it is as if my own hair whispered to me: 'Oh love, love, love the Father; for He has loved you from eternity, even before you existed. He is the purest, eternal Love Itself, and your love is His love enlivening your spirit in your heart; so love, love, love Him, the good, holy Father! Love your God, love your Creator; for He is holy, holy, holy!'

265,13. "Yes, even my skin begins to talk and all my bones and my entrails, and I hear them say: 'God, your Father, is a living Word within you! You are an uttered thought of Him Who stands before you; you are with hair, skin, bones, entrails, with heart and blood, with soul and spirit a Word from the mouth of Him Who stands before you. Love, love, love Him; for He is your All in all. He is your life, He is your light, like the light of infinity. He is all your strength, your speech.'

265,14. „O Father, You holy Father, let Yourself be forever loved by me, indeed by us all. Be loved, praised and worshiped, You O most holy Father, and Your most holy name be always and forever hallowed and sublimely honored and glorified through our love!

265,15. „O You holy Father You! I stand as a sinner before You, and You let Yourself be loved by me. Oh, how infinitely good You must be, allowing Yourself to be even loved by a sinner.

265,16. „O brothers, do fall, down with me at His most holy feet all of you; for look, look, how endlessly good He, the holy Father, is!

265,17. „O Father, forgive me my boldness as a sinner to love You; and be gracious and merciful to me and to us all!"

265,18. Here they all fell down before the Father, weeping for love.

265,19. But the Father hid His face with His hand and said as if to Himself:

265,20. „O earth, what you are giving Me! Verily, your children shall be My children! I will exalt you so that the suns and angels shall bend their knees before you; and whenever I shall come to you, I will always seek the sinners and have great mercy on them.

265,21. „O Terhad, your love is great; therefore, you shall receive from Me an equally great mercy, namely, that I become a faithful shepherd to the earth's sinner."

265,22. Here the Lord became silent and secretly wept for great love and mercy with the poor little children.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-265 Chapter