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266,1. After a little while the Lord again uncovered His face and said to Terhad: 'Terhad, I have known you and have been aware for a long time that you are a man of strong spirit and strong in your heart; this is why I was hiding before you allowing you to search for Me, whereas the others could see Me at the first moment.

266,2. "Since you have been all along of such a strong spirit and heart not allowing Lamech's dungeon to alienate you from Me as you had recognized Me according to Farak's teaching, I now tell you that you were a main reason for My having taken mercy on the lowlands; for verily, only a mighty spirit with true cognition, an unshakable spirit can become a savior of the universe!

266,3. “Thus you are now a savior of Lamech and of the lowlands and a shield against My judgment which otherwise would have been vented on all of you in this time, and are a protective wall between My fire and Cain's sin in the depth of the night of death.

266,4. "And as it is now, it shall be from now on. As long as a place on earth will have three people who are righteous in My sight, I will not judge the place. As long as a city in the lowlands will have two righteous people, I will spare it for the sake of the righteousness of the two. As long as a land will have seven righteous people, I will not visit the same in My wrath. And as long as a people will have ten righteous, I will spare it from the outbreak of My fire.

266,5. "And as long as there are two fathers among all My children who recognize and love Me and also teach their children and neighbors to recognize and love Me, I will not look in wrath at a single grass on the whole earth.

266,6. "However, when on the whole firm land, both here in the lowlands and on the height, there will only be left one righteous man, I will then wait for a hundred odd years to see if no one will turn to Me and will for that purpose let messengers instructed by Me preach to all created beings everywhere.

266,7. "If the apostatized people take notice, I will again accept them as My children; however, if they do not turn to Me, but remain all the more firmly in all wickedness and even slay the messengers, truly, the one righteous shall not succeed in warding off My wrath from the earth, and I will then wipe out all the evil-doers on earth and establish a new generation for Me on the same!

266,8. “These words I have now spoken before you, Terhad, and to the whole earth; therefore, you shall write them down and those who have heard them with you in this hall shall bear witness to you that it was I Who spoke this to you so that if ever such a time should come no one will be able to say he had not heard of it. This testimony you shall at all times proclaim to all the people and you shall be a true guardian of this My sanctuary - both in you and in all your descendants.

266,9. “Thus you shall always on a Sabbath be a chief guardian at the portal of the precinct surrounding My new temple here, which you will come to know only tomorrow.

266,10. "Whenever you will keep watch you shall proclaim these My words to the people lest they ever be forgotten.

266,11. "Since you now know all this, receive for this office also My blessing so that you may become strong to act at all times in accordance with My will. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-266 Chapter