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Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-267 Chapter


267,1. These words almost cost Terhad his life; but the Lord of Life knew how to preserve and moreover to strengthen the new guardian's life and he lived for another 260 years, conducting his office with great vigor.

267,2. When also all the other guests in the hall had heard these words from the Lord's mouth, some were amazed and spoke to each other in an undertone:

267,3. "Just look at this situation! On the obdurate one who, hard as rock, could hardly be moved to a belief in this God-man, such a great grace is bestowed; but not even a little word is said to us who accepted Him at once in our heart without the slightest contradiction! No, this is surely somewhat peculiar.

267,4. "Of course, as the sole Lord of heaven and earth He can do whatever He wants, and no one can say to Him: 'Lord, what are You doing?', but all the same this matter remains most peculiar.

267,5. "If we had to explain this matter literally, truly, we could say nothing else but: Grace to the most obdurate; but to the gentle, tractable, loving one a little mercy at the utmost, and nothing else.

267,6. "However one looks at the matter, it remains -- Notabene regarding it from the divine viewpoint! - surely very peculiar."

267,7. Here the Lord interrupted the people and said to them: "Yes, it is truly peculiar that I do this; but it is still considerably more peculiar that you here in My visible presence take offence at Me because I showed to a poor brother of you a grace I had to withhold from you weaklings;

267,8. "If you were as you ought to be, you would only greatly rejoice because I am gracious to a sinner; since your attitude is wrong and you are by far not what you should be, you are angry and find it peculiar when I am gracious to a sinner.

267,9. "Listen, I will tell you something and show you the reason why you are angry because I showed such grace to Terhad.

267,10. "Look, you like to criticize and see the dust in the brother's eye; but you fail to see when whole mountains swim around in your eyes! Therefore you could not see the reason why I showed such grace to Terhad.

267,11. "I tell you: I saw it for a long time that your hearts are filled with jealousy; therefore, I only bestowed enough grace on you to make you realize that I am the Lord of heaven and earth.

267,12. "But jealous officials I cannot possibly use in My great household.

267,13. "So cleanse your hearts first of al1 jealousy and always think - even after the best cleansing possible -: 'We are not even worthy of the slightest grace.'

267,14. "Only then shall I probe you as to whether you are truly pure before Me and I shal1 choose the completely pure for the grace of a higher office out of Me; otherwise let the free grace of life out of Me suffice you.

267,15. "Heed the small gifts out of My hand, if you want to be My children, and I shall then anyway let you share in the greater gifts.

267,16. "If even you give smal1 toys to your little children and are very happy when such gifts please them, -- say, am I less of a Father to you all than you are to your little ones? I reckon this will by no means be the case.

267,17. "So take pleasure in what you receive from Me as little children; however, once you become stronger I shall surely see for which office you are suitable."

267,18. Here they all felt hot with shame because of these words by the Lord, and they fel1 down before Him and asked His forgiveness for such sin.

267,19. But the Lord told them all to rise, comforted them and went back to His main company.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-267 Chapter