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269,1. When after a long fruitless search the searching guests with sad faces had returned to the throne-room, some of them stepped up to Enoch and asked him how and where the Lord had so suddenly disappeared, or hidden Himself.

269,2. But Enoch replied to them and said: "Dear friends and brothers, although your heart impels you to seek the almighty, holy, most loving Father, and this is right and proper -- for whoever seeks God, shall always seek Him with the heart, or he will never find Him -, your present search is a little foolish.

269,3. "Behold: God the Father, Whom you have just seen and spoken to personally, is a Spirit and cannot ever be beheld with the physical eyes! However, if He wants to be beheld, He opens the inner eyes of the spirit of the man who is to see Him, and the spiritual man can then through the physical man behold God." provided it is God's will - seeing and hearing Him just as you have now all seen and heard Him.

269,4. "When the Lord according to His most wise counsel then wants again to become invisible, He again closes through His almighty will the eyes to the human spirit, and no matter what man does, he cannot ever behold the Lord.

269,5. "But heed also this. Beholding gives eternal life to no one, but listening and living in accordance with the perceived word does!

269,6. "The Lord has closed its vision to your spirit, but not it’s hearing which is in the heart. Therefore, everyone of you can at any time hear the Lord's voice and can always turn to His fatherly love if he needs something, and the Father will give it to him if it is for his good or withhold it from him if it is not. Whether good or not good, you can always ask the Father, and be assured, He will give you the well-audible advice and will speak to you in your hearts provided you will always ask Him for it in full earnest.

269,7. “If you will always speak to your brothers out of true inner brotherly love in the Lord's name, being their loving teacher about God, about His works which are full of His endlessly great glory, about His endless goodness, grace, mercy and how He is a most loving, holy Father to all those people who love Him with all their vital strength, - I give all of you the fullest assurance: You will not speak one word which had not first been spoken by God in your hearts!

269,8. Whoever will then hear you, will hear the voice of God, just as you are hearing it out of me.

269,9. "But woe betide him who, for the sake of selfishness and his worldly reputation, would pretend to speak God's words without first perceiving the living word within him! Truly, his tongue shall turn into a viper full of venom, and he who hears him will be as if stung by a poisonous viper!

269,10. "Therefore, beware above all of self-seeking; let everyone forget himself completely and from the bottom of his heart be only mindful for the well-being of his brothers and sisters, and he will be able to enjoy the continued fellowship with God, the most loving, holy Father, temporally and later also in spirit, forever visibly!

269,11. "Behold, this is how you must seek in all future the Lord of heaven and earth, and you will always find Him easily. And if you then in your love inflamed heart ask: 'Father, where are You?', He will say to you: 'Little children, here I am in your midst! Have no fear; for My almighty hand protects you day and night!'

269,12. "Look, so it will be since it is the Lord's will. Therefore, heed these words and do accordingly, and you will henceforth no longer have to seek the Lord in all corners without finding Him in the end, for then the Lord will always meet you wherever you will turn; for the Father is always infinitely more concerned about us than all children put together are about Him.

269,13. "So do take note of this lest you ever become poor and imprisoned. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-269 Chapter