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270,1. Following this good speech by Enoch, Lamech stepped up to him and asked him, saying: "Beloved, mighty friend and brother in our God and most loving, almighty, holy Father! Since we have on this day in the Lord's name arranged everything according to His instruction and pleasure and I no longer know what else we could or should do other than give a most lively praise to the holy Father, let your love advise us in the Lord's name what shall be done now."

270,2. And Enoch replied: "Listen, dear friend and brother, this is the holy Father's will: We are all to go to our night's rest and all the guests shall stay in your house overnight.

270,3. "Furthermore, no one shall care and worry what the morrow may bring; for it will bring along its own, just as this day has done.

270,4. "So we will go to our rest and make no more plans for tomorrow; for the Lord will inform us tomorrow what we have to do.

270,5. "And so announce this to the guests and let them be taken to a dean bedroom.

270,6. „I and these my seven brothers shall lie down here; but you and your loved ones can do what you like.

270,7. "If you also want to stay here, it will be all right; and it will also be all right if you want to take another room with your loved ones, - for here none is better than another. And so let it be done! Amen."

270,8. After these words Lamech went at once to the guests announcing this; however, he kept Terhad in his company.

270,9. And Lamech's servants came and respectfully led the guests to the bedrooms, and the women and maids soon brought carpets and sweet smelling soft cushions into the throne-room and there prepared the couches for the exalted guests and, according to Lamech's wish, also for him and his loved ones.

270,10. However, the naphtha jars were still burning vigorously in the windows; for it was the custom in the city of Enoch to have in front of each window a clay or metal jar which was in the evening filled with rock oil and some straw and then lit, and Lamech asked Enoch whether the jars should perhaps be extinguished.

270,11. But Enoch answered him: "Let shine what is shining; for it is better to rest in the light than to sleep in the night."

270,12. After these words Lamech dismissed all the servants, having first vividly reminded them to be sure to remember the Lord before retiring.

270,13. When everybody had gone, Lamech fell down on his face and glorified and praised God in a loud voice.

270,14. This went on for a while; however, when Lamech did not stop praising the Lord, a voice which was the voice of the Father, said to him:

270,15. "Lamech, your words surely sound more beautiful than the great music of the spheres in the infinite space of creation; but the love in the heart of the spirit is still more beautiful than all this glorious din! Therefore, give respite to your lips to let the living water in your soul become a smooth mirror so that I can behold Myself in you and you may contemplate My nature in the mirror of your waters!"

270,16. Here Lamech rose, in his heart thanked the good Father for this glorious admonition and retired with the others to an invigorating rest.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-270 Chapter