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272,1. After sunrise they all went to the city following Enoch's request, and there to Lamech's house.

272,2. When they arrived there Lamech had a good morning meal prepared to which came all the poor and formerly imprisoned guests, both male and female, and participated while glorifying and highly praising God.

272,3. After the morning meal Enoch in the name of the Lord laid his hands on all the poor and erstwhile prisoners and told them to go out as far as the earth was peopled with the children of Cain there to bear witness to what they had all heard and seen; but the women should stay at home and care for their household; for the women of the lowlands were not destined to prophesy in the Lord's name, except to their children.

272,4. After this instruction Enoch said to Lamech: "But you, my beloved Lamech, my brother and my companion in office, know anyway the Lord's will and need no further instruction from me.

272,5. "However, this remember always in your heart, namely, to love God, the most loving Father, above an and an your brothers and sisters after the father Cain twice as much as yourself, and you win always be walking in the light of God and His holy fatherly voice will be teaching you to walk on God's roads at all times.

272,6. "Build the temple on the mountain as you were told; and once it is completed, we shall come down from the height to you in your house in great numbers according to the Lord's promise and bless the new temple and lead you onto the height there to receive the blessing of Adam, the still living first complete man of the earth and thus the original progenitor of all presently living people, so that thereby the curse on Cain might be blotted from your forehead.

272,7. "You will also behold the arch mother Eve, who will also bless you, and you shall have back your wives Ada and Zilla, and shall see your daughter Naeme with the husband given her in marriage by the Lord, the magnanimous Hored.

272,8. "And if you will ask the Father actively in your heart it may even come to pass that this your new and true son-in-law win go down with you to the city of your fathers.

272,9. 'Thus you shall also have back your two sons, Jabal and Jubal; but, as I said, you must fulfill the Lord's will painstakingly.

272,10. "Although the Lord is eternal, endless Love Itself, He does not enter into bargaining; being infinitely faithful in an His promises, He demands with the right of a God and Creator such faithfulness of us in keeping with our strength, wherefore we must fulfill His will at an costs.

272,11. "And you may be fully assured that He will keep an His promises to you painstakingly, provided you win always actively fulfill His most holy will.

272,12. "In the opposite case He forsakes everyone till death; and he who does not care for Him but only for the world, for him also the Lord does not care and lets him go his own ways which always draw him inexorably into perdition and eternal death.

272,13. "So let all your concern be for God and for acting in accordance with His most holy will, and God will be faithful to you always and forever! Amen."

272,14. After this speech Enoch with the seven also disappeared so suddenly through the power of God that Lamech had no explanation for the matter.

272,15. But Terhad said to Lamech: "Because these are true children of the Lord, they are like Him in everything, for He is to them All in all.

272,16. "Let Him become the same to us according to our love for Him and we shall be like these. But His will must be holy for us, as incomparably holy as it is for them.

272,17. "So let us not keep wondering about it but instead tackle the work to be done. God's will be done always and forever! Amen."

272,18. Lamech at once understood these words and summoned Mura and Thubalkain to discuss the building of the new temple with them.

272,19. Mura drew up the plan and already on the following day a thousand hands were busy with the work.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-272 Chapter