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274,1. But Enoch looked the dragon firmly into the eye and said to him in a serious, kind tone of voice: "All right, you most miserable being, I have heard your complaint against God and have fully understood it.

274,2. "If that is so, you are truly the most pitiable being in the whole of infinity.

274,3. "For there can surely be no more miserable and wretched being than one who, having to recognize in all depth the good and true, has the greatest urge to do it and when following the urge it wants to be active in full earnest, the Deity seizes it with Its wrath and against its own will and cognition urges it to do evil, thereby providing the most unloving and unjust Deity with a fresh cause for making the miserable being culpable of a new and ever-growing damnation.

274,4. "If that is so, say, how come that the Lord is so gracious and merciful towards us that we cannot help, firstly, recognizing Him as the very purest, eternal, infinite love and loving Him above all and, secondly, publicly learning from Him in person that He, as the most loving Father, has done everything possible and in the future will do everything imaginable to break your everlasting obstinacy so that you may be again won over?

274,5. "Yes, tell me how come that the Lord called forth the whole visible creation alone for your sake in order to move you to turn back completely through the harsh trial of physical death and you still refuse to turn back to the Father so that the Father is now coerced by His endless love to divide your total life-force into a countless, diversified life of the humans on this earth as well as on the countless other globes, thereby ridding you of your self-will and thus in us men leading you back divided, because undivided you would certainly not ever decide to do so? Do tell me how this can be and I will then fulfill your request."

274,6. Here the dragon again opened his mouth and said to Enoch: „O You immature man! You do not know as yet how a thousand years taste to the earth, and you claim to know God, the Eternal, better than I, who have experienced Him in all His moves since eternities? Oh look, how endlessly weak and foolish you are!

274,7. "Listen, I will open your rather young eyes so that you may have at least a tiny glimpse of how matters stand with your God Whom you think you know. And so listen.

274,8. "Of such creations as this present one I know already countless great billions. Everyone of them existed about a great billion of earth years (NB.: Such a great billion is a figure of one thousand digits or numbers where one adds to the unit (1) nine hundred [999? The ed.] naught), a for you, poor young man, already unimaginable number!

274,9. "When such a period of creation had passed and God had become tired of His creatures, He gave up this His great play of thoughts, that is, mind you! - He again destroyed the entire infinite creation and there ensued again an endless void for several great billions of earth years, and there was nothing apart from Him and myself who have always been able to mightily withstand destruction, since I myself am, and always have been, an essential part of the Deity.

274,10. "When again after a, for you, unimaginable time the Deity had made another great plan of creation, the creating began again and when the creation had again passed through its time and the Deity had again become tired of its created beings, such a new creation was again doomed and the total destruction of all things, which anyway are nothing but for a definite time fixed thoughts of God, ensued and an, as it were, infinite void took the place of the former splendor of creation.

274,11. "That this is always in God's primordial-eternal plan of how to exercise power and sustain it, you can already see on earth where there is a continual change between coming-in to-being, existing and ceasing to exist. Today you see a flower gloriously blossom, tomorrow it dies and is forever ruined, and so it goes on forever with countless things great and small. Of this I am an already old, indestructible witness.

274,12. 'Therefore, if you believe in an eternal life you are very much mistaken; for apart from God and myself nothing has an eternal and thus indestructible existence, - God, because in His own eternal Being He is inherently primordial-essential, and I, because I am not a thought like you and the entire creation out of God, but an indestructible, essential part segregated from the Deity Itself.

274,13. "So, if you ask why, despite all efforts on the part of God, I do not want to turn back although you have found Him to be the purest love, I tell you: 'The reason is quite obvious, namely: Because I know God as the First Cause, - which will be forever impossible to you since you cannot possibly grasp eternity such as it was as an ephemera (one-day being. The ed.) - nor as it will be in the future!

274,14. "Of course, you could with your present life-force which also is an infinitesimal part of the divine Being, like me, completely separate yourself from God and thus gain eternal permanency, if you knew how to do it; however, if you did this, the endlessly greater might of the Deity would treat you as horribly as It is now treating me and your eternal permanency would benefit you extremely little, for it is surely better not to be than to be as I am!

274,15. "Having in all earnest become sick and tired of this fickleness on the part of the Deity, I have now decided on two things, namely, either to deprive God of His power forever, usurping all His might so as to finally establish for all created beings an order of truly eternal permanency, - or, should I fail in this, I will in the second case kill myself forever, thereby putting an eternal end to the Deity Itself!

274,16. "For how often I have asked the Deity to establish a firm order of eternal permanency in creation, but every time it was all in vain.

274,17. "I offered to return my light to It; It imprisoned me through other short-lived beings Not able to conquer me, It left me with a most miserable existence since my former nature shrunk from its unlimited being to this form.

274,18. "Only now does the Deity in my light realize that I am now by far more dangerous to It than in my erstwhile allness; wherefore It makes every effort to apprehend me.

274,19. "But you as well as your loving God can be fully assured that it will not ever succeed in this! Rather will I kill myself and the Deity than be imprisoned by It thus giving It all the more scope for creating and then according to whim again destroying what It has created!

274,20. "This is why the thinking beings are always guided to humility by the Deity, so that no one might succeed in rising above the divine whim!

274,21. 'This time I have firmly decided to playa prank on the Deity, which shall put an end to Its whims forever! Truly, this time I will show It my might and will chastise It like an old criminal! - Do comprehend this, Enoch! Amen, Amen."

274,22. Here the dragon suddenly disappeared.

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