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276,1. This speech by Enoch was quite sufficient to straighten out the others, and they proceeded upward and arrived already after seven hours according to our chronology in the region of the children of the morning.

276,2. When the latter beheld Enoch and the other seven, they rushed to the hut of Uranion announcing to him and his family that the high priest Enoch was approaching with the other seven from the midday region.

276,3. At this they all rose quickly and rushed to meet the newcomers with outstretched arms.

276,4. Also the glorious Purista did not tarry and was the first to rush into Enoch's arms telling him almost out of breath with the greatest, overwhelming joy of her heart that three turns of the shadow ago the most holy Father had come to her while in the new kitchen; He had told her to prepare a good love-feast for Enoch and the other seven messengers approaching the height and also to announce to them that He would be meeting them in the hut of love.

276,5. When Enoch and all the others heard this news from the mouth of Purista, Enoch became exceedingly glad, greeted and blessed all who came towards him and then also all those who had been unable to meet him.

276,6. And Kisehel did likewise with the others. But as to his joy over the glorious Purista's news it could rather be called a fear; for the affair with the dragon was still too vividly in his mind's eye for him not to remember how close he had been to falling into the dragon's trap.

276,7. Enoch, noticing this, at once said to Kisehel and the other six with him: "Listen, I do not at all like the condition of your hearts, which are in fear of the Father!

276,8. "Kisehel, do you remember when you willfully out of your old, wrong motivation on the great Sabbath opposed the Father of Glory? What happened to you then? - Behold, then you found only great grace and mercy.

276,9. "Remembering this with certainty, how can you now be so afraid of Him since you were merely taunted by the dragon and were devoid of any free will towards falling?

276,10. "So be a man and a worthy son of Adam, not a foolish coward, and rejoice in the Father from the love-depth of your heart, and He will strengthen you in the point where you are still weak.

276,11. "But if you are afraid of Him, you can be assured that the fear will remain with you and undermine your love for God, and the Father, considering your weakness, will not be able to show Himself to you.

276,12. "Believe me, my brother Kisehel, it is not the Lord Who punishes the unrighteous, this the unrighteous does himself; for his deed has filled his heart with a great secret fear of God and this fear then creates the judgment and punishment in his own heart.

276,13. "However, with the same heart with which someone through his mighty love for the Father can prepare for himself the eternal heavenly life, he can be also the creator of his own dungeon of death.

276,14. "So let go of your fear and rejoice in the Lord, and He will receive you with open arms and strengthen you for any battle.

276,15. "Forget the affair of the dragon and remember what spirit motivates him, and you can be sure the Father will open your innermost vision concerning the dragon, so much so that you will behold his nature in the Depth of depths and in all clarity! This I wish you and the rest of you from the innermost ground of my love.

276,16. "And so let us hurry to the hut of Purista there to await with a heart full of love and longing the holy, most loving Father! Amen."

276,17. After this good admonition the old Uranion turned to Enoch asking him how matters stood in the lowlands.

276,18. Thereupon Enoch said to him: "Listen, as for the lowlands, they remain lowlands in a physical respect, that is, compared with the mountains; but in spirit they have become a completely true height, which will easily excel ours.

276,19. "Lamech, formerly the so horrible, cruel tyrant of the lowlands, has now, like I, become a loving steward of the Lord and the Lord has personally consecrated him as He did me; More I need not tell you all at this stage; but in the Lord's presence you will to your greatest joy learn everything.

276,20. "You, Uranion, forthwith send Lamel to Adam, Seth and all the other patriarchs, then to Sehel, the great son of Seth, and to Hored, the brother of Lamel, and his wife Naeme, informing them all to come here with their wives; for they must be present to learn about the glorious fruits of the lowlands.

276,21. "And Naeme shall learn what became of her father, - but only when she is here. Therefore, Lamel shall do nothing but summon all those mentioned; all else they will learn here. Amen."

276,22. And Lamel at once went and attended to his business.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-276 Chapter