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277,1. After a time of two turns of the shadow all those summoned arrived and our old Adam was one of the first to dash to Enoch.

277,2. After loving greetings had been exchanged and the patriarchs had almost crushed each other for love and excessive joy, Adam asked Enoch, saying: 3 „O you, my above all beloved Enoch, and also you, my Kisehel, you, Sethlahem and you, Joram, and you, Hil, Bael, Julel and Darel, do tell me everything, one after another how you fared in the lowlands, how Lamech behaved and about all the pleasing things that happened!

277,4. "Did the grace and love of the eternal, holy Father never forsake you? Did none of you let himself be enticed by the women of the lowlands?

277,5. "What happened to the said tablet which Lamech had treated so abominably, according to the holy Father?

277,6. "Did you not perceive my incessant prayer and blessing in the lowlands?

277,7. "For while you were staying in the lowlands, I had no peace and quiet day and night. I could not stand being in my house but spent the whole time on the Father's height praying for you and for the lowlands and blessing you continually.

277,8. "Most of the others did the same thing with me and I must tell you it was particularly Naeme who entreated the holy, almighty, good Father almost incessantly for the healing of her physical father, Lamech of the lowlands, and that continually with the most touching words coming from the heart which I myself could not listen to without being deeply moved.

277,9. "Likewise did also Hored and the two wives of Lamech who also came to us on the height and who have been in our midst continually during your absence.

277,10. "Still, my most beloved Enoch, I must kindly mention poor Pura, the maiden from the lowlands. This child greatly amazed us all; indeed, unless someone has seen it, he cannot believe it.

277,11. "You know how horribly Lamech dealt with her parents and relatives. And behold, despite all this no one on the height prayed more for Lamech than this very same child, and that in such a stirring manner, with so much loving trust in the holy Father that I could not help firmly believing the holy Father to be continually visible to her alone, and I could not help regarding her literally as a true daughter of the holy Father.

277,12. 'Truly, Enoch, had you seen and heard her like this, you would have come to the same conclusion.

277,13. "For this reason I have taken this child into my house and have now taken her along just as you are seeing her (Pura; The ed.) here so that she may learn from your mouth how matters stand with the lowlands for which she has been praying so much and sending so many sighs to the holy Father.

277,14. "Behold, dearest Enoch, and you others who were sent to the lowlands before Enoch, this is what happened on the height during your absence.

277,15. "I, the still living earthly father of all of you, have told you this so that you may rejoice; therefore, give me in turn the pleasure deeply longed-for for many a day and night and reveal to me what I have asked you about, but only in accordance with the holy Father's will. Amen."

277,16. Here Adam blessed again Enoch and all the others present.

277,17. And Enoch opened his mouth and said to Adam and to all the others: "Listen, father Adam, and you all my fathers and children! The holy, most loving Father has reserved for Himself the joy to proclaim to you all what happened in the lowlands and how matters now stand with them. Therefore, I am not allowed to right away fulfill your wish and reveal to you the conditions in the lowlands.

277,18. "But this you may learn in advance, namely, that unheard-of things have happened in the lowlands; indeed, I tell you, things of which we on the height have never dreamt. Of this you can be fully assured.

277,19. "Just have a little patience and the revelation will be before you and all you others like a luminous morning sun. This is why I had to summon you, so that you may hear the good news; so just be patient until the Father comes as He has promised Purista and your spirit will obtain the true light about the lowlands.

277,20. "Let us now enter the hut of Purista to which we are summoned; however, according to the given law no female shall enter the same excepting the mother Eve, and so the other women, including Naeme and Pura, shall in the meantime go into Uranion's hut. - But you, glorious Purista, lead us now into the hut of the Lord's love. Amen."

277,21. But Purista asked Enoch whether it would be wrong to take into the hut at least the poor purest Pura and Ghemela, Lamech's wife.

277,22. And Enoch said: "Listen, if it were up to me, I would let the whole world enter. But I am not a lord over the divine order. The Lord arranged it thus; therefore, we must do His will in everything until such time when He Himself will decree otherwise.

277,23. "Thus it depends not on me, but solely on the Lord whether or not the women are allowed to enter this hut; therefore, we do what we were bidden, and the Lord will then do according to His pleasure. Amen."

277,24. And so the patriarchs, led by Purista, entered the hut; but the women remained outside, except for Eve.

277,25. But Pura took a little walk with Naeme, and both entreated God and, resigning themselves to their fate, sacrificed their pious curiosity to the Lord and amid sighs glorified and praised the Father full of love, grace and mercy.

277,26. As these two were thus heaving a sigh, behold, there came a man from midday and went straight towards the two. When the latter noticed this, they wanted to flee; but the man went after them and soon overtook them.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-277 Chapter