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279,1. When the women had been shouting for a while outside Purista's hut, Uranion finally stepped outside and asked them, somewhat vexed, what great danger had arisen for them to bawl so madly and was someone trying to take their lives.

279,2. And the women pointed their fingers to the grassy hillock and said: "Just look there the great disgrace! And this today when you expect the Lord! A strong, vigorous young man who came from God knows where, has just picked up the youngest three women, led them onto the hallowed hillock and is probably having an affair with them!

279,3. 'There! Just look how the three embrace him and nestle against him that it is a pleasure to watch!

279,4. "No, this disgrace today when the Lord's messengers with the exalted Enoch have arrived here and, as we said, when the Lord promised our Purista to appear before all of us!

279,5. "Go and at least drive the despicable ones from the spot!"

279,6. But Uranion replied to them: "You know what? If this matter arouses your fancy so much, do not look there and you will at once feel better! Why should I scatter the invited guests since they do us no harm?

279,7. "As far as the hallowed grassy hillock is concerned, it is in that certain respect only of importance among us; for strangers not knowing this it is like any other place.

279,8. "So set your minds at rest and no longer disturb us in the hut where we are waiting for the Lord! Once the Lord will appear, He will know how to deal with such transgressions; as for you, be quiet and at peace! Amen."

279,9. After these words Uranion closed the door of the hut and let the women go.

279,10. When the women saw that their complaint had achieved nothing, they angrily acquiesced railing only secretly at the three women and no less at the man; but they were particularly enraged at the women.

279,11. And Ghemela asked the man whether he was present when the Lord was staying on the height for several days teaching them the true paths of salvation.

279,12. And the man replied to Ghemela: "Listen, you beloved of the Lord, was I present at the time? - Be assured that I did not miss anything. I even know how the Lord carried you on His hands, how He comforted and strengthened Naeme, and how He lifted up Pura, pressed her to His heart and made her a very great promise! From this you may deduce that I was certainly also present at the time."

279,13. Here Ghemela blushed and said to herself, sighing longingly: "Oh! Such an infinitely blissful moment I shall certainly never again be able to enjoy on this earth."

279,14. But the man said to her: "Who knows what may happen today when the Lord will come, - provided He has not already arrived?

279,15. "Ghemela, give me a good look! Would you not also like to sit on my arms?"

279,16. At this Ghemela, inflamed with a secret love for him, gave a secret look to the man and discovered in him a strong resemblance to the, by her, forever most beloved Abedam, the Lord and Father of heaven and earth, and said after some moments of silence:

279,17. "Listen, you most wise man who is also worthy of all love, your account of the conditions of the lowlands, which was so vivid as to make me believe I had been a witness to all this·- as Naeme and Pura, nestling against you and rejoicing over you, affirmed and are still affirming pining at your loins -, was more than merely human!

279,18. "If moreover I look at you more closely noticing in you a close resemblance between you and Abedam - and besides your sweet inviting voice which moves me mightily, - behold, I want to throw myself on your arm at once, if only the other mothers were not so awful who keep busily spying around to see what we are doing.

279,19. "Oh, if it were up to me, - I would have been on your hands long ago. But the awful mothers there! No, - I really do not dare! And if then - maybe even the Lord came along - and Lamech! -, oh, things might take a bad turn with me!

279,20. "Of course, I like you only so much because you bear so much resemblance to the Lord and talk as He does and your voice totally resembles His; and this should really excuse me. Yes, yes, this should completely excuse me!

279,21. "Oh, therefore I should certainly like to sit on your arm. It should be great bliss to sit on your arm. If only I knew that no one would take offence at it, and in particular: If the Lord did not take it amiss, I should certainly like to follow your invitation."

279,22. But the man spoke to Ghemela: "Listen, you My daughter, be unconcerned on account of the Lord. If the Father takes you on His arms, the Lord will not look at you with angry eyes; so come to Me, the Father, full of confidence!"

279,23. Here Ghemela fully realized Who the Man was, uttered a scream of the greatest delight and threw herself in a somewhat unseemly manner at His breast. And the Father pressed her also with His hands to His heart and said to her and to the other two:

279,24. “O My dearest little daughters, love your Father with all the strength of your heart! For you were the last and were locked out of the hut; this is why you are now the first to whom I came. So enjoy My love in its fullness! -- But do not reveal Me as yet, for the others must recognize Me spontaneously."

279,25. When the other women saw this scene, they were done for; raising an outcry, they ran again to the hut of Purista and raised such a mighty din there that all the guests, including Purista, were frightened out of the hut.

279,26. When they were all outside, the women drew their attention to the scene on the grassy hillock.

279,27. But Enoch signed for them to be silent and said: "If it is nothing else but this, this din was in earnest quite unnecessary; but for the sake of peace I will go and tell the four to depart from this silly spot."

279,28. And Enoch went there and at once recognized the Lord.

279,29. But the Lord said to Enoch: "Enoch, send also Purista to Me for the healing of the great foolishness of these women, so that the foolishness may be nipped in the bud. But do not reveal Me as yet; tell only Sehel that I am here and summon him to Me after a while. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-279 Chapter