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39,1. At first, Hored followed speechless with happiness; for this encounter with Abedam was for Hored something too inexpressibly holy and great to relieve his feelings sufficiently. He was downright dead for joy; only the most willing obedience moved his limbs.

39,2. Only when they had covered about half the distance did Hored begin to recover a little from his excessive love-joy stupor, drawing a deep breath to say an earnest, great word in this new condition. But Abedam promptly said to him: "My beloved Hored, leave your tongue in peace; no matter how well you may express with your tongue the feelings of your heart, you can nevertheless be fully assured by Me that notwithstanding all this the language of your heart alone is more welcome and more pleasing to Me than if it lost much of its natural charm owing to the roughness of the tongue, albeit the truth may not be affected. Behold, whatever you look at, preaches to you the eternal truth continually; but love alone is the innermost, invisible life of the created beings.

39,3. "Therefore, remain within you, and do not scatter idly what your heart has gathered; there will come for you a time when you have to tend to My fields. Therefore, save your glorious seed of life out of Me for the time when I shall appoint you.

39,4. "And so let us go home in peace; there you shall learn many a thing still. Amen."

39,5. Thus this party, which included the Father, went towards the morning hill. And when they had reached the summit of the hill there was waiting for them in two hundred great baskets a well-prepared, abundant meal consisting of the most glorious, finest, freshest and tastiest dishes, such as fruits, honey, bread and in the jars the purest and most delicious juice of berries.

39,6. When Abedam saw that everything was in order He blessed the food and drink and then said to the patriarchs who had procured the food: "Call all your children and let them quickly carry around and distribute the food and drink to all children, and all shall eat and drink of it and be joyful in My name and shall hear from mouth to mouth that I, the Father of them all, am visibly among them.

39,7. "But three baskets full shall remain here for us on the summit; and now go and do My bidding.

39,8. "And you, Lamel, look in the direction towards evening. Behold there, where three tall cedars adorn the summit of a hill, you will find a poor father with his wife and seven children, three of who are boys and four maidens. This family is still engrossed in the old, most depressing, servile respect, so much so that none of them dares to take another step beyond the spot from where the hut of Adam becomes visible.

39,9. "So go there quickly and bring them all here to Me. Now go and do My bidding.

39,10. "But you, Lamech, take this medium-sized main basket and carry it to Adam; and you, Gabiel, take the second one for your household; the third, however, shall remain here for Me, for Enoch, Jared, Lamech and his wife, for My namesake, for Kisehel and Sethlahem and the rest of his brothers, for the wife of Zuriel, for you, My Hored, and Naeme, for Jura, Bhusin and Ohorion and for the family whom Lamel will bring here shortly.

39,11. "All others shall sit down either around the basket of Adam -- or, if they are from the morning, around the basket of Gabiel."

39,12. But Adam was secretly hurt because Abedam did not intend to share his basket.

39,13. And Abedam promptly said to him: "Adam, is there maybe a difference between the baskets? - You must not be sad and covetous of My love because I gather the weak around Me.

39,14. "The three baskets are here anyway arranged in such a manner as to have little space between them; why, then, this grief concerning your rank?

39,15. "Am I not the Father, and am I not here in the midst of you all? Therefore, be of good cheer and do not count the baskets in terms of rank, but rather think of My universal fatherly love, and it will surely not matter into which basket I or you reach.

39,16. "Do you maybe consider your basket to be less blessed? - Rid yourself of this error. Amen."

39,17. „Thereupon it became again warmer and brighter in Adam's heart, and he asked Abedam's forgiveness. But Abedam replied:

39,18. "Adam, -- how should I forgive you your love for Me, as if it were a sin? Therefore, be quite calm; for this your grief was engendered by your love for Me. So set your mind at rest and enjoy the food in serenity. Amen."

39,19. After these words the diligent Lamel was already there with his over pious captives.

39,20. Abedam stepped forward to meet them, for they were very much afraid, and said to them: "Come to Me, you My dear little children, and do not be afraid of Me, your eternal, holy, exceedingly good Father!"

39,21. And they soon recognized Him, prostrated themselves before Him and praised and glorified Him loudly.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-39 Chapter