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1. After this short speech, Abedam promptly turned to the father of the nine poor ones, his name being Pariholi, and his family's name was Pariholi Garthilli. The name means "the poor fellows", for they have nothing, not even any ambition, but they live like the birds on God's air with a happy-go-lucky attitude of trust. He said to him:

2. "Listen, My still quite poor Pariholi, would you dare, if it be My will, to tell the patriarch Adam, with the gentlest of words, that exactly that golden mean which, so far, he has not discovered within Me, is the most level path of My eternally loving will?"

3. Pariholi replied, thoroughly gripped by immense reverence: "O - You - exceedingly - exceedingly - exceedingly holy Jehovah, God and Creator of all things and Father of all Your holy angels and of many humans pleasing to You!

4. What other will of his own should the worm sitting before you in the dust have, save that which, at all times, issues from You?! Therefore, I shall certainly do what Your most holy will deems good and surely exceedingly expedient.

5. "However, even this is surely an incomprehensible condescension on Your part and the golden mean of all golden means, the fact that You mildly ask, even though You would only have to command it, owing to Your might.

6. "And also that You nevertheless wanted to become visible as a Father to us all - whether we are worthy or, what is the case for most of us, surely completely unworthy, in order to show us all the sole, true, and most enlightening golden mean of all life out of You. It leads everyone of some good will, O holiest Father, to Your heart, which, according to my still shaky understanding, is and will forever remain the eternal life!

7. "Hence, O You exceedingly - exceedingly - exceedingly holy Father, graciously refrain from asking me in future whether I might wish to fulfill Your most holy will somewhere or somehow, since I am an utter nothingness before You. Instead, simply give me a command in accordance with my capabilities, and my neck will, at all times, bow to Your most holy will!"

8. Thereupon Abedam said to Pariholi: "Listen, since you already realized this by yourself, you are quite suitable to be a messenger of love and life out of Me. So, go to Adam in My name; and when Adam asks you why you came to him, tell him what you know of Me, out of yourself!

9. "You may go now; in the meantime I shall awaken your family! You hear: I shall awaken them to life eternal!

10. "And when you return here, your children will receive you with invigorated arms. Now go and do as I asked! Amen."

11. Pariholi promptly rose and walked the thirty paces over to Adam. He came to a stop before him, frozen like a pillar, mostly owing to his great respect for Adam, but also to his great taciturnity, for he had a clumsy tongue.

12. With great trepidation he awaited Adam's well-known question. When Adam finally looked at him, asking the expected question (for this was an old habitual question of Adam), the erstwhile pillar almost turned into a reed for a while and began to mightily wobble and tremble, unable to utter even a sound. Only when Adam directed the same question at him for the second time, this time in a more rugged and thunderous manner, was Pariholi awakened in his spirit. He lost all of his fear and initiated a quite noteworthy speech to the patriarch Adam, which went as follows:

13. "Listen, father Adam, you unborn and first complete man of the earth, you who have taught us all through your children, who are closer to you than the likes of us; I tell you that Jehovah, the Holiest, is God and the most loving Father to us all, Who alone deserves all praise, all glory, all honor, all love and all worship, as well as all sacrifices. How could you, in front of all your children, who, without exception, had been taught by you, turn around and show us a completely different face from the one that we ought to be entitled to see, owing to your instruction to us all at the time when no mortal eye had ever seen Jehovah?

14. "But now that He, o wonder upon wonder, grace upon grace, goodness upon goodness, mercy upon mercy, visibly walks among us, teaching, guiding, feeding us and giving us to drink from the stream of His infinite fatherly love; now that He has come to us most miserable children in the midst of His immense leniency, bringing us dead ones such great promises and, if only we accept it, eternal life itself; only now do you dare show us how utterly empty your teaching to us was, and how little respect for God you had, failing to recognize exactly what it is within Him that brought Him to us in person?!

15. "O father, do have a change of heart; for you have turned your gaze away from Him Who came to us out of the greatest love and mercy, so He might save us from the eternal night of death!

16. "Behold, father, when we were weak you supported us all with your strength. For that reason, in this time of your weakness, do not reject our hands either, for we want to help you and put you back on your feet again, according to the Father's holy will!

17. "So, do turn back to Him Who dwells in our midst, and not somewhere far away from us.

18. "O father, behold, He is among us! So turn to Him quickly, amen; yes, yes, very quickly, amen, amen, amen!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-42 Chapter