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51,1. And Abedam prepared Himself to go and said, turning to Garbiel: "So follow Me! Verily, I tell you, whoever follows Me, walks on a true way and will not be confounded on the path of life leading to life!

51,2. "Who would want to walk without a light on a long forest path in the dead of night?

51,3. "But the world is the forest and man's earthly life is the path, the lifespan of the bodies being the dense night.

51,4. "Will he who has no light come upon the proper narrow path, which alone and in truth leads the wanderer to the holy love-goal, which is life eternal?

51,5. "I am a true, infallible light Myself and am the very way and life eternal.

51,6. "Hence, if you want to follow Me you have light in abundance, and you will not ever fail to find the right way, for the light is the way as such. Also, you will not ever miss the holy love-goal, which is life eternal, for the way and the light are the holy love-goal, which is the true eternal life.

51,7. "So follow Me all of you, and do not ask where to! For, wherever I am, there is the right place and everywhere eternal life.

51,8. "Suppose somebody took a light at night-time, standing it first on a mountain, then in a valley and, later, in various places. Will the light look as if it were not in the right spot?

51,9. "I tell you: The light is suitable for any spot. For who can claim and say: This or that spot is not suitable for the light of day, not suitable for the rays of the sun?

51,10. "This applies also to the light of the spirit, wherefore no one shall ask when the light comes over him, whether it is suitable or unsuitable for him or whether he is worthy or unworthy of the light.

51,11. "When the light comes, let everyone promptly seize it and have the light serve him! For, when the light is there, it is there to serve all; but once it has been removed or gone out, both the worthy one and the unworthy one will sadly miss it.

51,12. "And he will call for the dawn to come; but dawn will then be very late in coming, and this delay will at all times be to everyone a great and very hard stumbling block

51,13. "But woe betide those who fall during the day, not letting themselves be raised by the light while it walks among them!

51,14. "Verily, I tell you, it will be hard for them to rise when the night overtakes them.

51,15. "But if someone falls during the night, is he not to be forgiven?

51,16. "Yes, I tell you: Those fallen during the night will find it easier to rise when daylight comes than those who fall in broad daylight but are too lazy to raise themselves promptly so that the light may bring them to the holy love-goal

51,17. „Therefore, I tell you once more: Seize the light with your hearts, while it is amongst you; for the time of the light is short, - but exceedingly long the time of night.

51,18. "He who seizes it now, will not ever be short of it in eternity.

51,19. "Do come to the full realization at long last that I Myself am the light of all life and the primordial, eternal, sole life!

51,20. "If you realize this in your hearts, you have already completely absorbed the light and the life.

51,21. "And what is the light and the life, the holy, the eternal?

51,22. "God Himself is the light; and the eternal love in this light is life eternal and is the Father, of Whom you, Garbiel, in the last word telling of your presentiment, witnessed that I am a Father.

51,23. "Verily, verily, I tell you, I am the sole true Father, and you all are My children if you recognize Me as your Father!

51,24. "But to him who does not recognize Me as his Father - and that wholly in the heart - I shall be what I am to the stone, namely, an eternally judging God and Creator.

51,25. "My strength, might and power are endless - thus speaks God for Himself -, who will and would oppose Me?

51,26. "But the Father hugs His children, hiding from their fearful eyes the almighty God, so that all may seize Him in their hearts and follow His true fatherly call.

51,27. "Behold, I Myself am the Father and am calling you to follow Me!

51,28. "So do not tarry, you My little children, and follow Me, for I am truly the holy and most loving Father of you all!

51,29. "Do listen, and follow Me! Amen, Amen, Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-51 Chapter