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81,1. When Rudomin had heard all this, engraving each word deeply in his heart, he thanked the high Abedam in the fervor of his heart, bent his great body in a bow touching the ground and went back to his former place prompted by a loving nod on the part of Abedam, but backwards so as not to lose the holy Father out of his sight. It had become very dark while he had described his vision, because it was already late in the evening but even more so owing to the fact that suddenly the sky had become clouded, .which, being a common occurrence on such mountains, had hardly been noticed by anyone.

81,2. For when the surrounding mountains emitted fire, there was hardly a serene night to be expected.

81,3. Thus there was no other light left but the faint reflection of some burning mountains far away.

81,4. When, notwithstanding all this, Abedam summoned Horedon, saying to him: "Horedon, since your eyes can no longer be of much service to you, follow alone My voice and reveal yourself to us; for, in the future you will always have to follow alone the voice as you will, after this My current presence has come to an end, continue to hear Me often within yet never see Me on earth from then on," Horedon promptly left his place to go over to Abedam. However, since Abedam's voice was not audible continually he wandered about for a while among the patriarchs unable to find the spot where Abedam was.

81,5. But soon Abedam's voice sounded again, calling Horedon who had gone in a totally different direction but promptly turned around, quite startled at having missed the right direction.

81,6. Now he briskly walked in the direction of the voice; however, having everywhere to dodge people in order to advance, it again happened only too easily on this pitch-dark night that he lost the direction and arrived at a different spot from where the high Abedam stood. So after a while Abedam again called him.

81,7. But Horedon answering promptly from an opposite point said, weeping:

81,8. "O You holy, dear Father! Unless You come to me in this dark night, I am as good as lost; for I cannot reach You since I continually lose direction having to dodge all the time!"

81,9. And again Abedam called: "Horedon, come here, here, where you see behind Me a glowing mountain far away!"

81,10. And again Horedon promptly followed the voice; but again he could not follow a straight line, having to dodge groups of people here and there, so that looking at the burning mountain was of little avail and he was unable to find his goal.

81,11. But when Abedam again called out, saying: "Horedon! How long shall I have to wait for you?", Horedon became sad and cursed the night, saying:

81,12. "Accursed be this darkness, because it is a hindrance to me on the road to the sacred goal and hides the One Whom my heart seeks and loves above all, so that I cannot reach Him!

81,13. "O Father, let there be light and graciously make this night disappear so that I can see You and then hurry to You, O You holy, dear Father!

81,14. "Or do come here to me, where I am now calmly waiting for You, full of longing and sad on account of this bad night; let it be according to Your holy will!"

81,15. Thereupon Abedam said to Horedon: "Since you cannot find Me at all, say in your heart in My name: 'You mountain there at the border where the children of the morning live, burn and light up this place!'

81,16. "And if you trust and believe in this word out of Me, soon it will be done as you have spoken it aloud in My name! Amen."

81,17. Here Horedon, his heart full of the fire of love, thanked Abedam and forthwith, with a great firmness of faith, spoke the words as told him by Abedam.

81,18. And instantly the ground began to shake and with a tremendous detonation the brightest flames shot forth from the summit of the mountain lighting up the whole area with daylight.

81,19. And Horedon promptly saw Abedam standing beside him, thanked Him with all the love of his heart and said:

81,20. “O You holy. dear Father, how endlessly mighty You are - and how good! For only now do I see clearly that through this my wandering about You wanted to save me the trouble of talking!

81,21. "For, just what was happening to me from Your first call until now, happened before within me.

81,22. "And so, everything is beautifully proclaimed, namely, what I beheld, heard, felt and did.

81,23. "To You, O holy Father, all glory, all love, all gratitude and praise for it forever! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-81 Chapter