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92,1. The patriarchs continued to rest for about half an hour, and Adam closed his eyes as fast as he could lest he absorb a single ray of the spurious day.

92,2. After this half hour suddenly a strong gale arose. Its whirlwinds uprooted the biggest and strongest trees; thousands upon thousands of flashes of lightning cut through the air, and on the neighboring mountains mighty columns of fire dug large pieces of rock from their bases scattering them like chaff in the air.

92,3. The constant crash of lightning instilled an excessive fear in Adam, so that he thought: "My God and my Lord and beloved holy Father! If Your great adversary, the leviathan, this mighty serpent of all perdition, should maybe still have succeeded in outwitting You and, while You are now among us with Your blessings, usurping the throne of Your eternal holiness, what shall we do?

92,4. What will become of Your holy promises?

92,5. "If You, O holy, dear Father, are dispossessed by Satan, what shall become of us?

92,6. „This raging of the elements against us is surely a sign that Satan has succeeded in his great iniquity!

92,7. "O Father, Father! What will then become of us?"

92,8. Behold, these were the thoughts Adam was harboring and, since I still did not make a move, he was almost convinced that I, including him and all the children, had become prisoners of Satan, wherefore he finally opened his eyes again and anxiously looked in My direction to see whether I was still there, with the children around unharmed.

92,9. When he thus opened his eyes he was even more alarmed at the devastating scene presented by the fire and gale. For it seemed to him as if destroyed burning mountains were flying through the air scattering burning pieces here and there amidst mighty crashes.

92,10. Beholding this phenomenon, he cried out aloud calling to Me: "Abedam, Abedam, You holy Father, if any might be left to You, do rise above this Your and our worst enemy and force him to be quiet and realize his impotence before You, otherwise we are all lost!"

92,11. At this clamor caused by Adam all the children rose; and, because of the horror scene and the sinister words of Adam all, except Enoch, Jared, Lamech and his wife Ghemela, Hored and Naeme, Uranion, Gabiel and his wife Aora and their daughter Purista, Lamel, Pariholi and his family, Sehel, Jorias and his wife Besela, were overcome by very great fear and trepidation and, so to speak infected by Adam, ensnared by his thoughts, in their fear spoke the same words as Adam.

92,12. When Hored heard such utterances from all directions, he became very upset, sprang up from the ground and in a loud voice said to all who were beset by Adam's fear:

92,13. "Fathers, brothers, mothers and sisters! What immensely foolish fear holds your hearts imprisoned, and what still more foolish, indeed blasphemous; words flow from your tongue!

92,14. "Never has any of you been in as great a danger to be swallowed by Satan as I was!

92,15. "But who snatched me with such mighty speed from the jaws of the monster?

92,16. "Was it not He, Who now is still visibly amongst us, full of love and with His blessing? Was it not He, the almighty, great God, Who has now in His endless love endowed us with the true sonship, as surely everyone of us could fully conclude from the wondrous visions of the messengers?

92,17. "He, the almighty, eternal, infinite, holy God should let Himself be vanquished and in the end even brought to perdition by a miserable creature?

92,18. "O earth, have you a nook left where a greater nonsense than such thoughts might sprout?

92,19. "Listen, I am only a weak man like you; however, having, like you, received the mighty blessing from Him personally, I confess and say:

92,20. "Verily, verily, He is my witness: With the power of this His blessing within me which, compared to His slightest whiff, is as much as nothing, I listen, I quite alone will take on a hundred times hundred thousand of such mischief-making weather devils, even should everyone of them be by as many times mightier than the number just mentioned by me!

92,21. "If I, the only sinner among you, am daring and able to do this, think: What is it after all, that fills your hearts with such foolish fear? - O you fainthearted ones!

92,22. "But so that you may see how utterly futile and foolish your fear is, I command this dreadful enemy to leave and hide himself in some muddy hole of the depth.

92,23. "Behold, already a blissful peace is reigning everywhere! Where are now the lightning, the flying mountains, the whirlwind and fiery swirls, where the dark clouds?

92,24. "But look there, how gloriously the true sun is already heralding the serene morning!"

92,25. At these words also Abedam rose; and Hored, overcome by his great love, fell down at His feet and thanked Him for this mighty blessing.

92,26. And all the patriarchs stood there like petrified, staring now at Hored and then again at Abedam, not knowing what to think and do.

92,27. But Abedam commended Hored and then turned to all, saying: "Peace be with you, and My love be My blessing within you and over you!

92,28. "Rise all of you in the love for Me and you, Seth, go and provide an abundant morning meal; but you all shall ponder in the meantime on Who, through Me, is among you, and let go of your foolish fear. Not until after the meal, however, will I show you how idle your fear was. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-92 Chapter