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93,1. After a while Seth called together his own and, going down to his dwelling, loaded five baskets with fruits of the best kind and then added the proper amount of bread, honey and milk.

93,2. When he and his carriers were thus well supplied with food and drink, he thanked Me for the grace of being found worthy to thus serve all on the height. He also told part of his servants to go around among the tribes present investigating whether they had something to eat and drink; and whoever came was to be given food and drink immediately.

93,3. After this loving commission he had them lift the full baskets and carry them up to the height; and he personally carried a large vessel full of the purest honey.

93,4. He had hardly taken a few steps when the high Abedam approached him and said to Seth, who nearly collapsed, overwhelmed by love and the greatest respect and emotion:

93,5. "Seth, you great beloved of My fatherly heart, be blessed by Me, together with your whole house, for having cared for so many hungry and thirsty from among all the tribes.

93,6. "Verily, I say to you, this is the greatest thing someone can do, namely, to care for the poor brother and the poor sister, support the aged and lovingly look after the little ones.

93,7. "Whoever, like you, does this out of pure love for Me and out of this love for the brothers and sisters,- I tell you, My most beloved brother Seth, if he had as many sins as there is sand in the sea and grass on the earth, verily, he shall be absolved of all of them!

93,8. "As soon as someone does this and opens his heart to his brothers and sisters I shall be with him giving him life eternal, and all that is Mine shall be at his service as it is at Mine.

93,9. "Seth, My brother, I am now giving you life eternal; for you have now performed the greatest deed, doing more than I bade you do. Indeed, I tell you, this is the greatest and most perfect deed ever performed on this height.

93,10. "He who does My bidding is a faithful servant; he whose heart is always turned to Me, is to Me a proper child, a proper son and a proper daughter. Whoever acts out of the spirit, despises the world and is at all times with all his senses turned to Me, is an angel and is, like your Sehel, to Me a brother in the spirit of all truth.

93,11. "But he who does as you have just done, verily, verily, is more than all others; for he is to Me a brother in love, - and this is the very greatest!

93,12. „Therefore you, My dearest brother Seth, be blessed by Me above all, together with your whole line.

93,13. "This place shall remain to the end of all times and shall not ever be desecrated by the feet of an unworthy people.

93,14. "And the spot on which you will place your feet shall be full of My abundant blessing; your breath shall become manna of the heaven and your every word the sweetest honey of life eternal.

93,15. "On this spot, Lamech's wife shall once be blessed with a savior who will preserve your line to the end of times.

93,16. "Indeed, I tell you, most beloved brother, you please Me, so much so that I shall certainly keep My great promise and assume flesh and blood out of you and your line, thereby becoming, like you, a man, albeit an almighty man. Although you cannot carry within you the fullest divine omnipotence, you shall have at all times the power of love with Me, in Me and out of Me as a true brother in perfectly equal parts.

93,17. "O you My dear brother, you come here to My heart and let yourself be seized with all the might and power of My life!

93,18. "Oh, how long I have been longing for a brother; however, there was none who would spontaneously be one to Me in My love.

93,19. "But you have now become for Me that for which My heart has longed in vain for so many eternities.

93,20. "So let Me now be happy at your breast; for I am no longer alone in the vast infinity. Not in vain have I filled the endless space with countless beings of every kind on account of a brother and called forth countless spirit hosts out of Me!

93,21. "For in you, My beloved Seth, I have now found a brother; yes, you have now given Me back the brother who once, scorning Me, was lost to Me as a Spirit of all spirits.

93,22. "O earth, how rich you are now since you gave Me a brother! Therefore, you shall receive from Me what the whole of infinity will not ever receive .

93,23. Your children I will accept as My children, and your fathers shall become My brothers.

93,24. "Now, most beloved brother, let us go up the heights, there to have the morning meal with our children, and I will proclaim aloud to all that I have found a true brother; and heaven and earth shall rejoice because I have found a true brother. Amen.

93,25. "O you, My most beloved brother you!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-93 Chapter