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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-1 Chapter

Chapter 1 - Purista as Adviser to God. Plea of Man as prayerful advice is desired by God. Grace and Love of the Father for his Children.

1. But when all, during the worshiping of God, except for Enoch and the four pure female beings, who were safely with the Father, began to fear the man on the hill because they thought that this man will slowly finish off each one of them, in a similar way as he had done with the big Sehel, the Lord said to Purista:

2. "Listen, you My beloved cook! What do you think should we do to free the fools from their fears, and to achieve that they should recognize me as the only true Father and God, without harming their freedom? Because if I suddenly reveal Myself to them - and indeed especially the women - it will cost them their lives, if not, to some, their whole existence! So tell Me and give Me some advice on what should be done!"

3. This question startled the magnificent Purista to such an extent that she began to cry, since she was under the impression that the Father wanted to punish her thereby.

4. But the Lord looked at the weeping girl ever so kindly and said: "Look at Me, My daughter, and tell Me then, in your heart, whether someone who wants to punish looks like I do now, and always has looked like I do in the face of those who have loved me, like you, who still love Me and forever will love Me! Well, what do you say to this, my beloved daughter?"

5. Hereby Purista was encouraged to speak again and said quite timidly and intimately: "No, no, dearest, best, Holy Father, You are not capable of getting sore or even angry, - this I clearly realize now; but concerning your earlier question, directed at me, the weakest, it is clear as daylight to me that it would be the greatest arrogance on my side, which would be worthy of the harshest punishment, if I dared giving to You, the most infinitive wisdom, any advice on what You should do!

6. Oh, I can't think about it without quivering, to provide You, God, the almighty Creator of heaven and earth, with some advice; therefore, I beg of You, oh you My best, dearest, holy Father, to spare me such compulsion!"

7. But the Father said to Purista: "Listen, you My beloved daughter, you still do not understand Me quite fully; therefore pay very close attention to what I'm going to say to you now!

8. Behold, you are afraid now to become punishable before Me, if you, upon My fatherly wish, should give to Me some puerilely advice, although you fully realize that My divine, infinite, eternal wisdom never ever needs any council, and I therefore also manage everything in the best way - irrespective as it may be!

9. But if this is undeniably true, how is it then that you have asked Me various things before and I always gave to you what you asked Me for? What is such a request other than advice in a morally-pious manner, by which the questioner indicates to Me what I should do?!

10. Doesn't the questioner know that I am most wise and most affectionately good? And if he knows that, how can he ask Me for something?! After all, he most necessarily must assume that I, as the highest wisdom and love, surely without his request, always carry out the best, the most wise, and at the most appropriate time!

11. How big a sacrilegious sinner must therefore the one be who asks Me to do something for him, contrary to My highest divine wisdom?!"

12. Here, Purista and the other three began to hit their chests, and all of them said: "O Lord, be merciful to us all; because we are the most heinous sinners before you!"

13. And again the Lord said to them: "Yes, hear, you My daughters, if you carry on like that, you keep on piling up your sins; since you, Purista, just now again added a piece of advice in your request to Me, according to which I should have mercy on you!"

14. Now Purista screamed from too much fear and sorrow and said, "Oh, for the sake of Your divinity, what have I, poor fool, done?!"

15. And Ghemela, also ruefully crying, said: "Thus we are all lost!"

16. Naeme and Pura did not know what to do either because of the fear and pain.

17. But the Lord put his arms around all of them, pressed them to his most sacred chest, and then said to them: "Daughters, are you really going to be unhappy and lost at My chest, when I, your Creator and Father, carry you lovingly and visibly on my hands and tease you as a mother would do with her tender, beloved infant?

18. This question brought the four back to their senses, and Purista replied, crying and smiling: "O best Father! We are of course not lost! But - we are - still - sinners - before you"?

19. But the Father said to her: "If you were sinners, you could not be with Me; but because you are not sinners, you are My dearest daughters, who I now carry on my hands!

20. I, as Father, want indeed to be advised by My loving children, as if I needed their council, and also want them to be active, as if I needed their actions and support!

21. For, all these things I do as a Father to my children out of My great love, but then guide their advice and actions in such a way, that I thereby always still reach my goal.

22. Therefore, you, my little daughter, must advice me now on what I should do, and I will not do anything until you advise me on what to do!"

23. Only here did Purista find courage again, folded her arms around the Father's neck, kissed Him all over and then said: "O, so let all the women, out of love for You, go into my kitchen, and go now together with all of us into the kitchen, and let Yourself be recognized, loved and worshiped by all as the loving, holy Father, according to Your pleasing!"

24. And the Lord said: "Amen, so be it! And so let us go into the hut!"

25. But Ghemela asked the Father: "Father, may we be close to you in the hut as well?"

26. And the Lord said: "Daughters, like here, so in the hut; because I am everywhere and am always the same, good Father! And thus follow me confidently! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-1 Chapter