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Chapter 10

10,1. But thereupon also Ghemela asked her father Zuriel, if there was a great difference between the life of this world and the life of the spirit, and if the spirit man could also see the physical world and those people who are still living in the body.

10,2. And Zuriel replied: "Listen, o daughter of the Lord, this is a little vanity of a question! Life is everywhere one and the same and it can in itself be no difference between life and life, if the same life is from the Lord; for if life is not from the Lord, then it is no life anymore, but the sheerest death, who is also conscious of itself, but its consciousness is only a self-deception because everything of what death is conscious about, is like an evil, inane idle dream, since its world has no foundation and all its possessions are more inane than the most loose foam!

10,3. However, here you must not look at the matter of things, as if they were dead, for they do not express an awareness for you; because matter is not dead, since in it very powerful forces are reigning and matter is actually in itself nothing else than an expression of the everywhere uttering divine will power and might of God; but as dead you must only imagine that, what has obtained the free will from the Lord and therefore being able to willfully disconnect itself from the Lord and then wants to continue to exist on its own without God.

10,4. According to divine love and mercy it continues to exist, but how terrible - which is a very different proposition.

10,5. From this, my daughter in the Lord, you already can conclude that the actual life expresses itself everywhere and in all circumstances in the same way.

10,6. If you can not fully grasp it yet, you only have to look at the Lord! Behold, He is in Himself the most perfect life of all life; from Him are all our lives! Do you see a difference between Him and me?

10,7. You say: ‘Regarding the visible being, no!’

10,8. Well, I tell you; therein lies the complete answer to your question! Just remember it: we are what we are from God the Lord; our everything is His complete symmetry!

10,9. Therefore also our lives are most certainly His life, and we may live when and where we want, - as soon as we behold and understand the foundation of life, if we have turned our hearts to Him, we are already living a perfect life whether still in the body of flesh or whether in the pure spirit, makes no difference!

10,10. Whether the pure and free spirit also can see the natural world and everything that’s on it, see, my dear daughter in the Lord, is probably a very superfluous question! When real life is everywhere completely identical, the way how to see will not make a difference!

10,11. Ask yourself if you can see the world with your physical eyes of the flesh, which actually are in itself only completely insensitive matter, or with your spirit out of your flesh!

10,12. Behold, now you're seeing a light! So, if your spirit wrapped in matter can see things, then certainly also the pure, free spirit will be able to see it, provided the Lord wants it!

10,13. But if the Lord does not want it, then neither the free nor the bound spirit can see something; because just as the Lord can take the vision from the body, He can take it also from the spirit.

10,14. But just as you can see now, according to the will of the Lord, the spiritual and the natural world, so also I see now, as always, if the Lord wants it and if it is necessary, both!

10,15. But if we spirits are destined, to serve with great power of love from the Lord the worlds, tell me then, how would it be possible if we could not see what we have to serve!

10,16. Now you can see matter through and through, you can see me, a spirit, and I also can see you, - and thus there is no difference between true life and life!

10,17. However, there is now a difference between me and you, and this difference lies in your flesh which is incapable of making a spiritual movement, like making a quick move from one place to another; but you are still able in your spirit to think it and to feel it animatedly!

10,18. Behold, for the time being this is everything you need to know! If you go even deeper in your spirit you will experience all this animatedly while still in your body. - This I wish you with all my heart in the name of the Lord! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-10 Chapter