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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-100 Chapter

Chapter 100

100,1. But Muthael turned to Purista and said to her: "Purista, - why do you complain now against the divine order?

100,2. I was glowing, and you complained about my ardor; Now I am cold and you complain about my coldness! Tell me, how am I supposed to be that you do not want to complain about me? Should I walk in the middle between glowing and cold, - should I be lukewarm?

100,3. Behold, you do not know what to answer here! But I want to give you a right answer before God and all the fathers, and thus listen:

100,4. When I am thus against you, as the Lord wants it, I think that my behavior is righteous!

100,5. If I am glowing, it is the Lord's will that I'm glowing; and if I'm cold, it is also the Lord's will that I'm cold; and if I would be lukewarm, even that I could not be without the will of the Lord - although I well know that laxity is nowhere to be found in the order of divine things, therefore the Lord will certainly never allow me to sink into a state of lukewarmness!

100,6. But if you have the right trust in the Lord and Father of all people, how can you be apprehensive and come crying before me as if I had to forgive you any offense?!

100,7. Does the Lord not just do what He wants and will either unite or separate us according to His timing?! Or do you suppose very secretly that such lies within our power?

100,8. O behold, neither I, nor you, nor Enoch and all the other fathers can do this according to their will, but it is solely up to the Lord!

100,9. Whether we love each other passionately or whether we flee each other, is the same; if we have the promise, the Lord will still unite us, provided that the promise for the time being is no sample promise through which we should examine ourselves whether our mutual love secretly is not stronger than our love for Him!

100,10. But once the promise is given - what I do not doubt for a moment - I have to thank the Lord with all my strength that He dampened my foolish ardor which His holy trial promise and the sunbeam of your eyes have awakened in me, and I think, that you as a purest chosen maid of the Lord, which He carried on His most holy hands, will find this my most justified view highly reasonable in your heart and will also share it with me!

100,11. Therefore, I proclaim here before God and all the fathers, that I, for as long as the Lord will not with all certainty show me to take you as a wife, I will conduct myself towards you, as if you were like any other virgin to me, which the Lord has not promised to me!

100,12. On the contrary I wish you, as your brother, precisely the same attitude, which will join you most faithfully to the Father forever!

100,13. Hold and put everything in the Lord, and your heart will soon experience the right coolness and the sweetest consolation! But this is all that my now wholly God devoted heart can wish you. Do this and you will behold the right light in this holy promise! Amen."

100,14. Here, Purista concealed her face, and went, very smitten by the wisdom of Muthael, to her stove and began to deeply ponder the words of Muthael and found them increasingly more correct.

100,15. But Enoch said to Lamech: "Brother, prepare yourself; because soon it is your turn to speak words from the depths of God's love in man!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-100 Chapter