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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-102 Chapter

Chapter 102

102,1. These words immediately indicated to Muthael with whom he was dealing. He therefore bowed before Lamech and gave very strong signs to leave the company as soon as possible; because he secretly felt by himself that Enoch had tricked him deliberately.

102,2. And as such he was so to speak from all sides rejected and on top of it he was ashamed because in the face of our fathers as well as in the face of Purista he felt that his wisdom ability was by still far behind.

102,3. But when he slowly began to reach the door, Enoch said to him: "Muthael, this is no way for a man ever leaving a company as there is ours! - Are you trying to crown one foolishness with another?”

102,4. And Muthael replied: "This is not my intention, - but rather to make the first disappear with the second! In addition the well salted Lamech recommended to me that I should go to first get to know me better! How foolish can it be to follow the advice of such a powerfully salted wise man? Or is this to be understood differently?"

102,5. And Enoch said to Muthael "Muthael, you seem to suffer from a massive self-conceit because the Lord has spoken a few things to you about women-love!?

102,6. Behold, if you were either a frivolous, foolish blind woman, who only knows its desires of the flesh best and who all the times cares only for its satisfaction, I wouldn’t be burdened by your measured stupidity!

102,7. For this is also the notion of the Lord! He takes the woman who is able and who only wants to love Him alone without any attachment to the world, and then carries her on His arms and hands and fingers to her happiest destiny!

102,8. But a woman, who mainly finds pleasure in worldly stupidities where something sensual-pleasing is showing, the Lord let her go like the animals of the forests, and does not care about her, except to give her the sensual life of the body like to the game of the forests,

102,9. for which reason a degenerated woman cannot that easily be helped anymore and can easily pass over into all kind of fornication and whoredom, of which we have many examples in the midnight region and know quite well how a woman who only once has put the Lord aside because of worldly joy, can hardly be saved from utter demise other than a miracle!

102,10. Behold, that is the notion of the Lord concerning the great levity of women, likewise also mine!

102,11. But you are not a woman, but a man filled with a divine promise and I can therefore not - as if you were an unrestrainable woman - let you run in your stupidity, but I must say to you:

102,12. Muthael, stay here! Acknowledge in the light of the fathers your stupidity, and learn to appreciate the salt of Lamech! For behold, the Lord has quite often already dined at the tables of Lamech and he is a completely fully learned scholar of the Lord Himself! I and he are on the same level, placed by the Lord Himself; therefore you can put up with Lamech a little!

102,13. Therefore turn around and go to him; but approach him in a manner how to approach a heavily tried friend of God, and on the spot you will find his salt a lot less biting! - Do you understand me?"

102,14. Here Muthael turned and followed the advice of Enoch.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-102 Chapter