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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-103 Chapter

Chapter 103

103,1. But when Muthael went back to Lamech to ask him for forgiveness for his mistake, Lamech forestalled him and said to him:

103,2. »Muthael, I read it from your eyes what you want to tell me now; but see, I can not accept this for reason:

103,3. The first reason is because you did not offend me in the least! And how could you, since you, just like me, carry the Father's love in our hearts!

103,4. The second reason is because a true, god devoted person should never accept anything from his brothers as an insult! Since behind each offense, both in respect of the offended as well as the insulted, lies a relatively large dose of pride. But the way arrogance is treated by the Lord - that, dearest brother, you know certainly incomparably better than me!

103,5. And the third reason is, because I see the Lord's promise in you in a most wonderful abundance and see behind it endless streams of incomprehensible greatest mercies of God waving, swirling and flowing!

103,6. But if the Lord has filled a person with such promises, how possibly could an awakened person, as I am through the endless grace and mercy of God, in all seriousness be insulted?!

103,7. But I see what you want to tell me now and I immediately reply to you and say: Brother, you have previously misinterpreted my words a little; because that I gave you to your slightly strange question an answer that seemed as if you had insulted me, had a completely different reason!

103,8. I studiously gave my answer only therefore such an appearance because I had really discovered in you a kind of arrogance which truly did not belong next to the sacred promise in you.

103,9. I therefore wanted to humble you a little but not for the sake of me but out of true, sincere brotherly love for your sake!

103,10. And see now, in this way it would be impossible for you to insult me! Because that is prevented by the spark of God's love in me, so that my heart can no longer offend and exasperate someone and as I said, you in the least of all, because you are the one, to whom I want to attach my love- and friendship bond the most!

103,11. I love you very much, you magnificent brother Muthael! Can you also love me, a descendant of Kahin?"

103,12. Here Muthael opened his arms and said, "Come here, brother Lamech, and take from my chest the fullest assurance that I love you with the glow of all my heart! For indeed, I would rather have believed anything else than to find in you such a wonderful man and brother! But now I have recognized you and you have become more valuable to me than my own life; therefore be assured that I also love you and will never stop loving you than a most dearest brother!

103,13. But because I got acquainted to you, o brother, in such most beneficial manner, you should become my counselor according to the will of Enoch and should accurately explain to me my relationship with Purista, the pure servant of the Lord and tell me where I really stand with her! Should I regard the promise merely spiritually or also compliable in a worldly manner, or should I take the whole thing as just as a trial by the Lord for my spirit?

103,14. Yes, brother, I see you're going to give me a true light in this matter! The Lord be therefore with your spirit about it!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-103 Chapter