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Chapter 105

105,1. Muthael, well recognizing the profound meaning of the words of Lamech, went to a secluded place where no one could see him, and said by himself:

105,2. "Here I will lodge until the Lord will answer me and I will not eat and drink until I have received the word from the Lord!

105,3. What a stupid, pondering life is this without the mightyful word-association of the Lord, for regarding even a serious question of life, one does not really know why one is living on earth?!

105,4. Therefore, I now have to have the word of the Lord, even if it should cost me my anyway not eloquent life!

105,5. But how am I going to do it, that the Lord will hear me and give me His word as He has given me the promise?

105,6. I know what I will do: I will begin to really love Him and want to rave in front of Him, like a blind lovesick fool in front of his maid, that he wants to be his wife!

105,7. But what if the Lord still does not want to answer me? - Yes, I then want to completely renounce the whole world and even His promise! And I will turn my back on Purista and be forever alone and cleave to the Lord with all my strength and bring Him in silence my glory and my praise but view everything else as if it had not existed forever!

105,8. And in addition I want to and will say most seriously and enlivened in my soul: 'Lord, here I am all in front of You and have disregarded everything for Your sake; thus make from me now what You want and I will be right with me!’”

105,9. This is how Muthael decided to act and he promptly did so.

105,10. And so the whole day went by and the company had for quite some time finished the meal in the hut of Purista when after some sublime and instructive conversations they again began to think of Muthael and Adam said to Enoch:

105,11. "Haven’t you noticed that Muthael, who left the hut before noon, has not come back yet?! It seems to me since he’s been hit from all sides he became secretly a little excited by the ongoing lectures and left to hide somewhere in a corner of the earth and it is therefore unlikely that we will see him again; and I am therefore very worried about him!"

105,12. But Enoch said to Adam: "Father, be quite unconcerned; for the Lord is more careful and more merciful than all of us! He is the true teacher and leader of Muthael and teaches and leads him already the most certain, best and shortest way to his destination.

105,13. Therefore be quite unconcerned about Muthael who finally by himself has taken the firm decision to sacrifice for love, mercy and grace of the Lord everything, even his life!

105,14. Soon we all will be made aware, even by our external senses, how the Lord is dealing with those who have sacrificed everything to Him!

105,15. He examines them according to the strength of their souls and concordant to the commitment of their promises; If they have found to be solid, then suddenly all the doors of life are open to them!

105,16. And thus it will happen with Muthael; therefore, let us be good spirited and give glory to God! Amen."

105,17. Adam was again calmed by these words and soon the whole party went out into the open.

105,18. Adam of course was of the opinion that they should go home because of the following Sabbath.

105,19. But Enoch said that the Sabbath of the Lord is one and the same all over the world and therefore could even be celebrate in this area.

105,20. And Adam was also satisfied with that.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-105 Chapter