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Chapter 106

106,1. When the whole company was outdoors, they were received by the children of the morning, who literally competed among each other to how they could serve the fathers in the best way.

106,2. But the fathers declined such efforts and indicated to them that they would spend the night in their midst, namely in the dwelling of Uranion.

106,3. And Uranion immediately instructed his children to prepare everything in the best manner and to provide for a good evening meal which was carried out most punctual.

106,4. But when Purista finished cleaning her kitchen and gave God the honor and the true praise of her heart, she too followed the company outside in order to inquire whether she should prepare an offering in the kitchen for the following Sabbath, or if the fathers would go home to the height to execute the sacrifice.

106,5. But before she could open her mouth to ask the fathers such a question, she heard a call from the region of the morning which sounded like follows:

106,6. »Purista, you beloved of My heart, come here to this height which by seventy fathoms behind Uranion’s dwelling rises as gentle as your breast! I have to tell you quite important things!

106,7. But do not ask who is the one who has called you, just come! Alone! No one should accompany you and no one should follow you; for I have to talk to you alone. But Do not be afraid because not a single hair of you will be harmed!

106,8. But since all other members of the main company heard this call and therefore also Adam, he at once went to Enoch, saying:

106,9. "Well - all praise to the Lord because a large stone fell from my heart! For this is Muthael’s voice and so it is clear that he is still alive and did not suffered any accident!

106,10. But what important matters does he has to discuss with Purista so late in the evening alone?!

106,11. Indeed, the matter appears to me a little suspicious now; for behold, the girl, when she had heard the call, ran off without looking to us, like a fox when stealing a chicken!

106,12. Therefore this matter looks a little suspicious to me and we should go and investigate a little what my good Muthael wants to do and talk with Purista alone!"

106,13. But Enoch replied to Adam and said: “Father Adam, there are all too often times and circumstances where it should be the fathers sacred duty, to carefully look after their daughters, especially during early adulthood when they are very sensual, if they are busy with hidden activities and are visiting solitary places and hills, either secretly or under a fictitious pretext. For this we have sad examples enough and the consequences are not foreign to us which have emerged from such virginal secret activities and visits to secluded places and the children in the region of midnight are mostly of such origin! - I mean, you understand what I mean?!

106,14. But here we have a very different case; therefore we want to leave Purista to Muthael without any further intervention, so that he can do with her what he wants and it will be all right! Meanwhile let us talk to Lamech and his companions!"

106,15. But this time Adam was not satisfied with the speech of Enoch and therefore said to Enoch: "My son Enoch, I’m not altogether satisfied with your words; because Muthael as well as Purista are as yet not infallible angels of God and the snake is not yet killed! Enough that they still have their free will! They can be tempted and can easily fall during the temptation if we leave them alone! Therefore I think we should at least keep very secretly a quite sharp eye on them to investigate what is going on!"

106,16. And Enoch said: "Father, if you are worried, thus go and be a spy; but take care that you are not overcome by a mighty fright!"

106,17. But Adam did not let this stop him and went to see what Purista was going to do with Muthael on the mount.

106,18. But he hardly came as far as the back of Uranion’s dwelling when he saw the whole mount in flames and below the fire at the foot of the hill a whole herd of the fiercest tigers, which, when they noticed Adam, gave signs to get up.

106,19. Here, Adam jumped backwards, violently startled and returned breathlessly to his company and told them with broken words, what he had seen.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-106 Chapter