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Chapter 107

107,1. But Enoch immediately put his hands on Adam and strengthened him, made him to entirely recover from his fright and thus also able to talk again.

107,2. After Adam was strengthened by Enoch, he asked him at once what this phenomenon was, a deception or a serious reality.

107,3. And Enoch said to Adam: "Father, it all depends on how we want to look at the matter!

107,4. There are two realities, a material and a spiritual. The material is for the spirit only a deception and the spiritual to the material. Therefore the spiritual occurrence is reality to the spirit and thus also the material to matter. This is the irrefutable fact of the matter.

107,5. Now it depends on how you want to take the appearance! I for my part consider it as spiritual!"

107,6. And Adam said, "Well, if you view it as spiritual, I consider it as such too; but what does it mean in the outside world?'

107,7. And Enoch said to Adam: "What the spiritual significance correspondingly concerns the outside world, is with the first glance very obvious:

107,8. The flaming mountain means your too loving worried heart, and the grim crouching tigers at the foot of the mountain your still somewhat strong inclination towards enraged contestment which at certain occasions, similar to these great striped cats of the forest, are lying and waiting for their prey and this for so long until they get it under their control and then tears it apart swallows it without the slightest mercy!

107,9. And this, o father, was the actual reason which drove you out there, that is, from your soul or your intimate love, you spied on both of them to find something that would justify your suspicion; and secretly it would have displeased you, if your suspicion proved to be wrong compared to what I have told you by pointing out to you, contrary to your opinion, that here we should be completely unconcerned about Purista and also Muthael.

107,10. But the Lord has therefore allowed you to see your inner state, instead of what you really wanted to see; and the spiritual reality showed you in that moment what your inner state was, when you against the will of the Lord wanted to make a spy!

107,11. Behold, father, this is my opinion of which I’m convinced of to the depths of my life! But if you have any other, then you are free to replace this one after all; for I do not want to have forced something upon anyone and on you as the patriarch of the fathers of this earth the very least!"

107,12. And Adam replied: "Yes, Enoch, you're right; so it's certain and true! But whether under my heart that loves you all beyond words, a whole herd of tigers lives, is a little hard to understand!"

107,13. And Enoch said to Adam: "Yes, if you look at the tiger as a murderer, my explanation will certainly look a little weird; but if you see in it a dry, pitiless right according to the law, the tiger will probably do!

107,14. For in the law lies the ruthless judgment, as in the tiger lies the ruthless bloodlust; and the victim it chose will certainly become its prey! I mean, under such consideration my view surely could be right? "

107,15. And Adam said: "Yes, under such assumptions it is right and good; but leave this now and turn our attention to something else! "

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-107 Chapter