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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-108 Chapter

Chapter 108

108,1. The main company now talked about various subjects and even our old, but still brave singer Kenan was asked by Adam to give a performance at this occasion - which pleased him to do; since this was his thing.

108,2. But only this time his singing was a little eccentric; which is why he did not received the conclusive acclamation from Adam. - But the song sounded like this:

108,3. "O people, o life, you seek and see to preserve this life forever! A puzzling seeking and looking!

108,4. We live and nevertheless we are not the way we live here; life is nothing and together with it we are too!

108,5. Behold, there stands a living spirit! Say, whose eye can see and perceive him and which of our living senses?!

108,6. What is then a living spirit? - Is he like a thought which like lightning fleetingly exists and in infinite space produces itself, as a loose flake of snow produces itself in the hazy ether of the earth?

108,7. However, flashes are fleeting and flakes of snow melt under the rays of the sun; o say, what is it then with the loose thought, with the spirit found himself in endless space, and also in a dewdrop?

108,8. O say, is he not fleeting ephemeral and dying like flashes and flakes to never recur and to faithfully recognize himself, as if often present already in prevailing existence?!

108,9. What is then the dying of things and people? What is the work of death?

108,10. Do I vanish in the death of the body? Or does remain something from me in the spirit?

108,11. What am I in the spirit? A thinking nothing, imperceptible to - any sense; or am I a light that no one's eye may behold ever, not even its own, free from whatever formed body?!

108,12. I want to curse the vain life and imprecate the hour in which I freethinking as a foolish life have found myself!

108,13. Why do I had to come into being in order to be destroyed again without a trace?!

108,14. O miserable life, you cruel plague to yourself! Here I have to feel, must think as if I was something, and must live in order to painfully vanish again soon! O miserable life!

108,15. That the spirit is mortal, every fleeting thought tells me, which, once thought, vanishes again for all times; but if the itself generated thought passes, what should remain from the spirit?

108,16. But if I have been faithfully called to eternal life, why must I then die on this variegated world and leave the body which I learned to value and love? - O you miserable life, you mocking illusion of my senses! Why must I live here?"

108,17. Here Adam jumped up and said very resentful, as noted before:

108,18. "My son, enough of this your empty raving folly! Next time you can go into the nearest forest with such songs and sing it for hours to the wolves, bears, lions, tigers and hyenas! These beings have enough strong teeth and a duly strong digestive stomach on top of it; but spare it to human souls!

108,19. Because if you are so stupid and do not know what there is life, the spirit and its being, then at least ask the wise among us and they will tell you!

108,20. Have you then already completely forgotten the Lord’s sublime teachings that you come now with such hackneyed old stupidities again?!"

108,21. But Enoch said to Adam: "Never mind! I know why father Kenan has sung that way; it was the Lord's will! But why the Lord wanted it, the following will show!

108,22. Kenan did not sung what is in him but what is still present in many others. - See, that's the reason; the following will show the result!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-108 Chapter