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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-109 Chapter

Chapter 109

109,1. Adam, however, regarding the words of Enoch, was not altogether satisfied; because, very secretly, he believed that Enoch, in a disguised manner, made this point to him. Therefore, he said to Enoch:

109,2. "My son, you speak wisely - but that doesn’t make your words sound pleasant at all, and towards me the very least! Tell me, what is the reason that wherever something bad occurs, in an obscuring manner it always seem to refer to me!

109,3. Why must I, the first person on this earth, as your all caring and all of you equally ardent loving father, be considered by you in a certain way as a general scapegoat?

109,4. If you, according to the will of the Lord, has something to say to me, then either tell me apparently in a full sense, or keep it to yourself until you can say it to me in private; but otherwise be silent and do not make me always look suspicious before all my children.

109,5. Behold, I love God, my Lord and Creator, above everything with all my strength; but even if He would be present here personally, I would have told Him what I told you now!

109,6. When I rebuked Kenan about his apparently foolish-sounding vocals, I did it with full rights; but your remark, as if Kenan had to sing it to thereby indicate what is most likely still only left in me, is - and even if it has been given to you by the Lord - hard and iniquitous directed to my heart and to my spirit!

109,7. I now have finished speaking and say to you: From now on I will withdraw from you and will confine myself solely to my Seth; but you can do in the name of the Lord what you want! But only spare my house, - and the door to it stay foreign to you!

109,8. And you, my son Seth, escorted me now with Eva home to the height; because I noticed that my presence is starting to annoy my children!"

109,9. Here all began to fear for father Adam and Enoch wanted to show him his major misconception.

109,10. But Adam motioned him to be silent, saying: "I, Adam, - understand me, will henceforth not be your sinning student anymore! It was you who so disgracefully befooled me because of my good worry regarding Purista; you have discovered a herd of tigers in me which you then glossed over a little but nevertheless not entirely removed!

109,11. If all this is a dictate of the Lord, in all seriousness I really cannot see that the Lord had not also given you the insight that your words will hurt me to the depths of my life! Why did you not had the foresight for that?

109,12. Therefore I absolutely do not accept from you any excuse and subsequent explanation! Since what else would you now say, than: Such was not in the least targeted on me?!

109,13. I still can accept this; but that you as the only high priest of the Lord, could not see in advance in you that I had to unavoidably and sorely designate the words spoken by you, on to me, if they were not expressed more specifically, - behold, this your gross inattention towards me, is what squeezes my heart and has withdrawn it entirely from you!

109,14. Therefore, I do not accept any closing words from you anymore! Stay what and who you are; but I and my house remain foreign to you, - if you not want to lose my blessing! And now escort me, Seth! Amen."

109,15. Here, in all seriousness, Adam wanted to leave; but all embraced him and begged him to stay and listen to the weeping Enoch, and also equally Lamech from the depths.

109,16. Such behavior made our Adam soft again and he remained but he nevertheless insisted to listen to Lamech but not Enoch.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-109 Chapter