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Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-111 Chapter

Chapter 111

111,1. And Enoch turned to Adam and said to him: "Father Adam, I have heard many things out of your mouth but not yet a total ban to house and door!

111,2. Oh, how much happier would our descendants be, if such had not escaped your soul!

111,3. Truly, what you are doing here, o father, as the first person on this earth, many of your children in later times will do the same!

111,4. Yes, I now tell you this from the spirit of the Lord in my heart: What you are now saying from the depth of your life, your children will do in the real world in a way that will be an abomination of abominations before the Lord; and as you formerly revolted against my words, which came from the spirit of the Lord, and dismissed me from you, your descendants will do to all those teachers who will be filled with the spirit of God, and will pay homage to those who will be preaching the spirit of the world!

111,5. That you wanted to shut yourself off from all of us except father Seth, so that nobody can see you anymore, will make rulers rise among the nations and dominate them in a cruel manner; and the houses of such rulers will be closed to the poor people, and no one, by the loss of his life, will be allowed to dare to near such ruler’s house from even a distance.

111,6. And these things will happen soon, already half the length of your current lifetime; and in less than six times the duration you already live on this earth, it will look like the skin of an angry hedgehog, where one peak rises against the other. More, I do not need to tell you.

111,7. O father, why are you like this and do not want to completely discard that, what there is an evil product of haughtiness?

111,8. Behold, when I speak and act, I do not speak and act out of myself but from the Lord, who has called me in front of all of you! But if my word is a word of the Lord, why are you then baulking against it?"

111,9. And Adam was mightily shocked by these words of Enoch and said to him: "O Enoch, you wise man of God, what hard things have you told me now!

111,10. Behold, I would have not uttered such words, if I would have known that the Lord's spirit has spoken through you! But such you have not indicated me, why I thought you spoke out of yourself to me and that you were a little haughty which I wanted to bring out of you.

111,11. Therefore you should always tell me, whether you are speaking from the spirit of God, or whether you're speaking from yourself, so that I'll know how to adapt to it.

111,12. O say, is there no remedy for what you have foretold from my former behavior towards you?!”

111,13. And the Lord said through the mouth of Enoch, clearly audible even to Adam: "If you had reprimanded only Enoch, your words would have no consequences; but you said that you also would have reproached Me!

111,14. And behold, that's why your word created the consequence; because every word directed to Me, is like a created work which can never be destroyed anymore. Understand that!

111,15. O Adam, Adam, how many other heavy loads do you still want to impose on My neck?!"

111,16. Only here did Adam fully realized what he had done and was troubled.

111,17. But Enoch said: "Be consoled; for the Lord also took this new load from you and placed it on His own shoulder! Therefore be cheerful and grateful to the Lord!"

Main Page The Household of God Volume 3 HHG3-111 Chapter